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How to Move Duplicate Outlook Emails into a Separate Folder?

Move Duplicate Outlook Emails into a Separate Folder

In this article, we will cover how to move duplicate Outlook emails into a separate folder instead of deleting them. So keep reading this blog as you are very close to figuring out the solution.

Repetition of emails is more common than we think in Outlook. The use of duplicates is very annoying for the user because it slows down the productivity of the program. Furthermore, it can cause various problems like system crashes, storage issues and even corruption due to large files.

Therefore, users need to remove duplicate emails from MS Outlook. But in many cases, these duplicate items can be useful to users when they lose their original content. So, to handle this situation, it is better to move the duplicate Outlook emails to a separate folder rather than delete them.

But before we find the solution, let’s find out what is the main cause of duplicate items in Outlook mailbox.

Possible Reasons for Move Duplicate Outlook Emails into a Separate Folder

  • Incorrectly configured rules – Most of the time the rules are not configured correctly, resulting in duplicates in email items.
  • Wrong mailbox settings: when setting up your email account, you may have entered some wrong parameters, resulting in the same email reappearing.
  • Short Send / Receive Intervals: If emails are sent too quickly and cannot be synchronized, there will be a lot of duplicate emails.
  • Account setup error: Setting up the same account multiple times will result in multiple syncs, resulting in duplicate emails.
  • Another problem: Antivirus software can also generate duplicate emails. So check your antivirus settings before installing MS Outlook.

How to Check for Duplicate Emails in Outlook?

It is not possible to determine duplicate Outlook emails at a glance. You need to check the various properties of the message, which can be compared using the following fields:

  • Theme
  • Text
  • Attachment
  • Sender
  • Bowl

If you search, use this field and see the same email multiple times. So that means there are duplicate items in your mailbox.

Effortless Solution to Move Duplicate Outlook Emails into a Separate Folder

If you don’t want to waste your time with manual methods and are looking for an efficient and hassle-free technique to delete Outlook mailbox duplicates in the deleted Items folder, try the Outlook Duplicate Remover Software. It is one of the most effective and reliable solutions that can remove duplicate Outlook PST, OST and BAK files.

In addition, it has various filter options and can maintain the meta attributes and folder hierarchies of the data files. It is the best software to easily extract duplicate emails from multiple PST/OST/BAK files and move them to separate folders. As a safe solution, it doesn’t make any changes to the original files and keeps them intact. And also the ability to delete duplicate contacts, tasks, journals and notes.

Steps to Transfer Duplicate Outlook Email Data into a Separate Folder

Follow the steps below to delete duplicate emails and move all duplicate items to a separate folder in the resulting PST:

  • Run the Software on your System

Download Outlook Duplicates Remover

  • Click Add File or Add Folder to add the PST / OST / BAK file

Add File

  • Select any option to remove duplicates: within and Across folders

Select within and Across folder

  • Select the categories you want to delete

Choose categories

  • Check the box provided in the Select filter and duplicate condition option and check the Move to folder option to move all duplicates, then give the folder a name

Select filter and duplicate condition option

  • Click the Next button to start the email deduplication process. When the copy process is complete, click the OK button

Click the Next button

  • After the de-duplication process is complete, click the OK button to finish the job

de-duplication process is complete

Manually Move Duplicate Outlook Emails into a Separate Folder

If you are looking for a manual way to delete duplicate Outlook mailbox items in a folder, in this section we will cover a free way to delete duplicate Outlook in Deleted Items folders.

Remove duplicate Outlook PST files with the cleanup tool

Microsoft’s cleanup tool can help you remove duplicate Outlook files in the Deleted Items folder.

  • So first, Open Outlook
  • Then from the ribbon, click to expand Cleaning Tools
  • Clear Conversations, Clean Folders, Clean Folders and Subfolders are the three options that appear when expanded
  • Pick the Clean up folders & subfolders options
  • A dialog box will appear asking if you want to delete or cancel
  • Just select the Clean Folder option
  • To access the Deleted Items folder, select the Settings option
  • After clicking Settings, the Outlook Options window will appear. Select Browse from the drop-down menu
  • Select Deleted Items and press the OK button
  • To remove duplicates from PST files in Outlook, select the Clean folder option after making all selections.


As we said earlier, duplicate emails in Outlook are very annoying and deleting them one by one is a very complicated and tedious task. So, to make your task easier in the above article, we have covered a method on how to move duplicate Outlook emails into a separate folder. And consequences of duplicate emails, reasons for duplicate emails and how to check for duplicates in MS Outlook

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