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How to Completely Shred Files in Windows 10

Are you certain your file has been deleted? If you delete a file, it will be available in the recycle bin. The file is not visible after being deleted from the recycle bin. Still, it can be restored using specialized restoration tools. Your data will remain on the hard drive; only the file’s reference will be removed from the file system table. As a result, it is not recommended to delete crucial files and documents using standard deletion methods. You can permanently destroy your data using any third-party software, making it nearly impossible to retrieve. Perhaps you’re upgrading your device and wish to permanently remove your data. The best option is to utilize file shredder software.

These programs use a variety of techniques to repeatedly overwrite your data. Making them difficult, if not impossible, to recover. This post will walk you through the process of deleting your data. Continue reading to learn more about how this works and other file shredder alternatives.

How does file shredder work?

When you remove a file, the information in your operating system is no longer visible to you. The possibility of retrieving original data exists until it is overwritten by new data. If you want to remove personal data from the system, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or other personal papers.

It is critical to use a good file shredder. Secure Erase, Gutmann method, Schneier method, and writing zeros are some of the algorithms used by the file shredder. To repeatedly erase data until it is difficult to recover the original data.

How to completely shred files in Windows?

There is no manual mechanism for securely deleting files. To shred your documents, you’ll need to use a third-party application. We will use the File shredder application in this tutorial, and here is a step-by-step guide that you may follow:

Step 1: Download the file shredder from the official website and install it (you’ll find a.exe file in your downloads folder).

Step 2: You can safely remove a single file by right-clicking it and selecting File Shredder from the context menu, then selecting Secure Delete Files. The procedure is simple and quick, it may take some time for large files.

completely shred files in Windows

Step 3: Open file shredder if you wish to destroy multiple files at once.

Step 4: Next, place all of the files you want to shred in the shredder. You can drag them in from another window or search for them using Add File(s) or Add folder.

Step 5: The DoD technique is the default, and it performs three overwrite passes. If you wish to change the shredding algorithm, you can do so. To change the algorithm, click Shredder Settings and pick the algorithms tab. Then press the OK button.

Alternative file shredder:

1. Eraser

Eraser is a free document shredder that you may use to destroy all of your files. To shred files, it employs algorithms such as DoD 5220.22-M, AFSSI-5020, AR 380-19, RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, HMG IS5, VSITR, and others.

The erased files will be rewritten numerous times, making them unrecoverable.

Eraser works by allowing you to schedule tasks to delete certain files. You can schedule a task to run once a day, month, or week.

The application features a basic user interface. You can remove several files and pick your own algorithm for rewriting data.

It’s a three-step process:

  • Drag and drop the file or just add the folder.
  • Choose the algorithm.
  • Remove the files.


  • Data can be erased on a set schedule.
  • Custom files can be used to replace files that have been removed.
  • Most common sanitization procedures are supported.
  • It’s compatible with Windows Explorer.
  • Tasks that have been scheduled can be backed up.

2. WipeFile:

Wipefile is yet another fantastic file shredder. The application can also be used to wipe entire hard drive in 14 different ways. The various overwriting options, which range from a single rapid pass to the industry standard 35 times, allow you to strike a balance between speed and security. It is a portable software that can be run from a USB drive, and also can be added to the context menu that shows when right-clicking files and folders.


  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • Overwrites your deleted files and directories many times.
  • There are a total of 14 wiping methods available.
  • A sophisticated software that ensures that erased files are never recoverable.
  • A useful program for deleting files safely, securely, and quickly.

3. Secure Eraser:

A secure eraser is an excellent tool for cleaning and shredding files. It may be used to clear the registry, hard disc, and SSD, in addition to shredding files.

This application has various file sanitization methods that erase your data multiple times, making it impossible to restore original data even for a professional. The software is available in two versions: a premium and free version. There are several limitations with the free version, and the paid version costs roughly $29.90. If you’re a home user, the free version will suffice in deleting your files and rendering them unrecoverable.


  • You can remove individual files as well as full hard discs.
  • Erase flash drives, mechanical discs, and SSDs are all supported.
  • Multiple sanitization procedures are available.
  • The user interface is simple and bright.

4. Freeraser:

Freeraser is a fantastic file shredder with a fantastic user interface. This simple file shredder cleans your data using three different methods. To clear your files, you can use the quick, forced, or ultimate methods. The quick approach is obviously fast, whereas the other two ways take time and require several rewrites of data. To get rid of the file, simply right-click it and select Freeraser from the context menu. It also supports batch processing, which makes it possible to delete numerous files at once.


  • With transparency effects, it’s a nice icon.
  • There are three techniques for removing items.
  • You have the option to halt the deletion operation.
  • There are several languages that can be used.

Wrapping Up on File shredder

Permanently deleting your files makes you less vulnerable to leaking your data. This personal data can be your bank, credit card details, or any other personal document related to your business. It comes in handy even if you want to change devices. These are some of the best applications you can use to get rid of your data. Follow through with the tutorial and see if these applications work for you. I hope this article helps you solve your problem.

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