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How to Fix Windows Live Mail Not Responding Issue?

Windows Live Mail is a simple email application from Microsoft Corporation. It also provides great convenience to customers in their daily activities. However, there is no fixed application; This desktop email client will save you from making mistakes. Many customers have complained on the community forum that Windows Live mail not responding.

Causes of Windows Live Mail Not Working Responding Error

Windows Live Mail errors and problems can have many causes. They interfere with the functionality of Windows Live Mail and affect the functionality of users. Some of them are mentioned below. If Live Mail cannot connect to the server, it shows several errors that prevent the user from working.

  • The most common error that prevents Windows Live Mail from working correctly is the integration of the card driver with the Windows system.
  • Other causes of Windows Live not working properly are email clients and Windows OS update issues.
  • All of the above reasons are common, but not for all users. So, below are the solutions for all the errors that may be caused by the Windows Live Mail limitation issue.

Windows Live Mail Not Responding and Other Issues

Well, you may encounter many errors while using Windows Live Mail. Let’s take a look at these mistakes and see how we can fix them.

Error 0x8DE00005 or 3291

  • If you see this error, it means that Windows Live Mail cannot connect to Hotmail/Outlook to retrieve your emails from the server. Most users encounter this situation when Live Mail is configured with an IMAP or POP account. This server is out of date, which prevents Windows Live Mail from synchronizing the server.

Since Windows Live Mail won’t respond, here are the troubleshooting steps:

  • Open Windows Live Mail and click Accounts
  • Select the “+” icon and press the @ button at the same time
  • Enter your account credentials
  • Now check the box next to Manually configure server settings
  • Select the server type mentioned under “Incoming Server Information”
  • Press the server address & port number in the Server address field
  • You will see Requires a secure SSL connection turn it on.
  • Next, you must enter the server address in the “Output Information” section
  • You must enter the port number in port type
  • Select Require SSL for secure connection and Require authentication. Click the “Next” button.

Here’s how to fix WLM Not Working to Errors

Let’s look at other solutions to fix the error.

  • Windows Live Mail may not work if you don’t have a test account
  • Now we will see how to fix Windows not working error using spell checker

Read below to see how this solution works

Install Spell Checker to Fix Windows Live Mail {WLM} Not Responding Error

To do this, you need to install the spell checker first and then follow the steps discussed to fix Windows not working problem:


  • First, open Windows Live Mail
  • Now you need to press the “ALT” key to open the “Toolbar Menu”
  • Select the Tools tab from the menu and click Settings
  • Then go to the “Spelling” tab, click on it and the “Language list” will appear
  • Select English (US) or English (UK) from this list
  • Then, tap on “Set Defaults”

This can help you solve the Windows Live Mail does not respond error.

If you have a spell checker installed, something else may be causing the error. If not, this is the only way that will work. Microsoft also has another solution for this error, which is explained in the next section.

Some users have asked why Windows Live Mail is not working, and Microsoft has responded with a simple solution.

Solution for Microsoft Windows Live Mail {WLM} Not Working

A user asks a question about Microsoft support, and a Microsoft expert answers the question with the following steps to solve the problem.

  • Open the search box and type Programs and Features
  • Find Windows Live Mail and click Uninstall a program
  • “Windows Live Essential” is displayed, so right click it
  • A menu will appear where you have to select Remove/Change
  • When everything is done, select “Restore all Windows Live programs.”

If this solution does not work, you should immediately use the one-step solution above. The best tool to fix Windows Live Mail does not respond errors.

Well, users may encounter another error while using Windows Live Mail on an upgraded Windows system.

Automatic Solution to Windows Live Mail Not Responding

If you need a quick and safe solution, you can use Windows Live Mail Converter Tool. It allows users to export WLM mailboxes to PST without changing the HTML format of the emails. This software export windows live email saves all email attributes like subject, date, sender, recipient, copy, bcc etc. The original layout of the email and bold, italic or underlined text will not change and will appear. the same in the resulting document with integrated hyperlinks.

  • Download and Install the software, the main screen should look like this

Download Windows Live Mail

  • Click Open to add a file from your machine

Open Files

  • Automatic save location detection allows you to identify the original storage location for Windows Live Mail files. Select this option if you want to transfer email directly from Windows Live Mail

identify the original storage location for Windows Live Mail

  • Select the location of the Windows Live Mail email file and click OK

Select the location

  • Now the software will list all the folders in the left pane. The software shows the folders that contain the data files

shows the folders

  • For optional email conversion: Check the box and click the Export Select button. Also, right-click the selected email and click export

right-click the selected email and click export

Final Conclusion

Windows Live Mail not responding can sometimes cause errors because Microsoft doesn’t want you to use it anymore. However, it is widely used. You can use the mentioned methods or you can use software to solve the error. This professional tool is also able to automatically detect the Windows Live Mail folder storage location, making it the best service.

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