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Digital Marketing

YouTube SEO Guide: Top 10 Tips to Rank Your Videos on YouTube


Spent hours shooting videos and then editing it till it is perfect. Done with spending money on content writers and video editors? But still, you are not able to rank your video on Youtube and generate a handful of viewers. Then, you don’t need to worry much. Stop thinking about the reasons why there are no viewers or subscribers to your video. The reason is YouTube SEO. You might have skipped it. 


In this article, we have listed the 10 most important tips to rank your videos on YouTube. Have a look!

Tips to Rank Your Videos on YouTube


  • Make sure you include the right keywords


There are many paid keyword search tools available that supply you with strong insights into the keywords. With the help of the right keywords, you can optimize your videos.

vidIQ is one such keyword research tool that is specially designed for YouTube. Here, you get all sorts of statistics of all the famous videos, related hashtags, and terms, images, etc. It is available at $39 per month. 


All you need to do is type the keyword in the search field and you’ll get a list of relevant keywords. These keywords are the most searched terms by the Youtubers. 


  • Try to use keywords that are low in competition


In case you have a new YouTube channel, you don’t wish to go up against those channels that have thousands and millions of followers. In such a case, you can use the KWFinder tool. If your keyword is a long tail keyword like it has more than 3 words then you will have a keyword score. All you need to do is search for the keyword in the search field and look for the competitors. For example, if the keyword is content marketing then there are a million competitors. So, try to avoid such keywords. To more about the best SEO company in Bangalore in the given link: Best SEO company in Bangalore.


  • Check for your rivals famous video


Your rival targets the same audience as yours. So, look for your rivals and then search for their most popular videos. It will help you to know what is loved by the audience. Don’t forget to figure out the keywords that they have included in their video.


  • Improvise your YouTube video like a Blog


What’s the first thing you do when you optimize your blog for search? Well, we make sure that the keyword is placed properly in the title, meta-description, body, and subheadings. Likewise, when we’re handling YouTube videos the keyword needs to be placed in three different places that are the title, video description, and video tags.

  • Optimize videos for Google Search


While performing a Google search have you ever noticed a YouTube video that is ranked no. 1? Like if you search “how to make Maggi” then you get YouTube video results because these videos are ranked by YouTube. Review your video and similar videos and see what the audience wants. Then, based on that optimize your video to appear on Google search.


  • Grab the attention of the viewers with your video


Audience retention is an important factor for ranking YouTube videos. But what is audience retention? It means that your videos need to be engaging such that the users watch them from the start to the end. 


When there is audience retention, it is considered to be a great video. So, there are high possibilities that your video will be up in search. Try to keep them engaged and make them believe that they have searched for the right video. Avoid long introductions it will leave your viewer unhappy and force them to quit watching your video. Try hard to make them curious about your video. 


  • Make sure your viewers do comment on your videos


After achieving audience retention, you need to focus on getting comments from your viewers. When users leave comments on your video it means that your content is great. Try to such content that forces the audience to leave a comment on your video. Not only one video makes sure that all your videos get comments. Don’t forget to end your videos on a high note. 


  • Promotion! Promotion! Promotion!


Try to promote your video everywhere possible. The more number of viewers the higher rankings your video gets. Promote your video on every social media platform. Don’t miss Quora. Add your video link there and answer all the video-related queries. It would put light on your video. Check out the best SEO company in Bangalore in the given link: Best SEO company in Bangalore.


  • Enhance your YouTube channels page


With better optimization of your YouTube page, you improve your probabilities of displaying up on YouTube’s search results. When your channel ranks higher on the Google search then the number of views, subscribers, and YouTube rankings will automatically improve.


Do you know how you can optimize your YouTube channel page? Try to make your page look elegant and compelling. Next, place the target keywords appropriately such that it targets the target audience. Also, try to share your page as much as possible.


  •  Shout out the target keywords in your video


To make sure that the target keywords reach out to the right audience at the right time speak the target keywords in the video. Then, your video will be automatically noticed by YouTube. As YouTube, automatically generates the script for videos. Then, it will reach out to YouTube and the target audience. 




So, these were the ten YouTube SEO tips to rank your video on YouTube. Next time when you make a video try to inculcate them. With a user base of more than 2 billion viewers, YouTube is a big platform to reach out to the audience. So, don’t neglect this platform if you want to do marketing for your brand.


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