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Why Live Stream Shopping Is Stealing Your Customers

Live Stream Shopping is certainly one of the most impactful ways to deliver content, build your brand, and grow your online community. Through live shopping experiences, brands and retailers get to present their services directly to their audiences, as well as interact with them in real-time. Live commerce today has become a booming industry in recent years and in this blog, we will decode the reason for the same.

Video Commerce is attractive to today’s young shoppers who lead largely digital lives and who value spontaneity, curiosity, and authenticity as key values.

Live streaming shopping opens the door to on-camera snafus and this vulnerability is exactly what attracts young shoppers.

Livestream e-commerce allows real-time feedback from customers facilitating two-way communication. Shoppers can chat with a host of a show providing their questions, comments, and reactions. This adds an extra layer of interactivity to the whole live shopping experience, which draws in young customers. Furthermore, Live streaming e-commerce can also help you increase your online reach much further than any other medium.

An added benefit of live streaming e-commerce is the ability to host collaborations with other content creators or influencers. There are many influencers, celebrities, or industry experts ready to create partnerships with your brand, aiming for mutual growth. This can help your brand grow and gain more customers.

Another great advantage is that you don’t need a lot of equipment. Even if you only have your mobile phone, you can still go live and connect with your customers in real-time. You just need a mobile phone, and a good internet connection.

There’s a lot of evidence that customers enjoy live content because live content actually creates a sense of urgency and draws customers into the action. Furthermore, in live shopping shows no one knows what will happen next, this creates a sense of heightened suspense making the whole environment more fun.

Tips for a successful Live Shopping Show

Hosting a quality live shopping show takes patience and, most of all planning. It’s not just a matter of recording and saying anything and everything there are many moving parts involved. Therefore here is a list of live streaming tips to help you host a successful live stream shopping show.

  1. It is crucial to have some gear, including cameras, microphones, and encoders. But if you choose to record with your phone you can opt-out for a tripod. Imagine how difficult it would be to record a Live shopping show with your arm constantly holding your phone.
  2. Along with that, contemplate your sound quality how you want it to be. You can use body mics as well, especially if there’s a lot of noise in the surroundings.
  3. What makes live stream shopping different is it is able to create an engaging and interactive environment. During a live show, your viewers want to interact with you and be a part of the discussion. Therefore, it gets important for your brand to provide them with something or rather someone to interact with. 
  4. Better interaction means higher retention time. So, your viewers feel they are worthy, they will stick around and contribute to your live stream show.
  5. Hosting question-and-answer sessions with your audiences in real-time is an opportunity for a brand to engage with customers in a more personalized way. Respond to their questions, and ask them yours. It’s a great way to gather valuable feedback about your brand, and products. 
  6. A product launch, demonstration, giving behind the scene glimpse, or hosting a live contest all are potential occasions to create live video. It is an effective way to build immediate buzz and show your viewers the faces behind your brand.
  7. Furthermore, showing how your product or service works feel much more real to your customers.
  8. A pre-planned live online shopping show can increase your brand awareness and reach. So, before going in front of an audience contemplate how you’ll present it, and think of the ways in which you can interact with your viewers to keep them engaged and entertained. We are sure that all the above-mentioned live commerce tips will prepare you to press play and start recording. 

Channelize.io Live streaming commerce is a dedicated video commerce platform to host and engage live shopping shows. Reach out to us at info@channelize.io and get in touch with us.

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