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Why Is It Important to Get Your Kids a Hobby to Keep Them Away from the Excessive Phone Usage

We are very unmindful of our time. Have you ever sat down to think about how you spent your day? I am talking about the basic events of the day. You must surely have done that, right?

Now, sit down, take a deep breath and start analyzing how you spent every minute of your day. You will find a lot of periods where you just scrolled through your mobile feed or did nothing. And then we say we do not have enough leisure time. That is where we are not using our time smartly. Do you know why?
Gerçek Profilleriyle, ödemeyi elden alan kızları, sizlere hizmet vermek için bekliyor.
We were not trained to use our time efficiently during our childhood.

Now think about your kids’ routine and calculate how much time they spend doing nothing or without any productive activity. What I am calling a productive activity is not only their studies but it can be any hobby. And unproductive time is not only that is spent doing nothing but also that your child spends using a mobile phone. Because that is not only wasting their time but also having adverse effects on their health.

This article will explain why is it important for your child to have a hobby and how can you achieve that using an android parental control app.

So here is what the research says about the importance of istanbul escort hobbies.

The researchers from Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Texas did a study on almost 1400 participants who had health issues. They developed a test to examine the effects of hobbies on the health and psychological well-being of an individual. It was called the ‘Pittsburgh Enjoyable Activities Test’. The test conducted on men and women brought forward the following results.

  • The people with leisure activities and hobbies had better overall physical health that included lower body mass index, lower blood pressure, smaller waists, lower stress hormones, and better physical activity.
    People with hobbies have a better quality of sleep and can sleep more easily
  • The stress level has a negative correlation with leisure activity.
  • Life satisfaction and contentment were seen more in the people who had hobbies and that contributed to their overall happiness
  • People with good hobbies were more likely to make friends
  • Having hobbies was also directly related to improved work performance


Talking about hobbies, you have to be careful when your kids start making bad or unhealthy activities their hobbies. For example, playing excess video games, using social media for fun, or browsing during leisure time. It causes effects that are opposite to what do we mean to get from a hobby.

In short, it kills the purpose. Not only it causes fatigue and lethargy, but screen usage is also counter-productive to brain growth and cognitive development. Along with that, the child does not get a chance to have greater exposure and make full use of their motor and mental skills.

So, what can be their hobbies? Any physical game (football, badminton, cricket), mental game (Lego, puzzle, etc.), drawing, sketching, music, reading, writing, cooking, or anything that requires their involvement and makes them happy. The purpose is to make their minds relaxed and happy and at the same time, to make them use their abilities for good. It causes the growth and development of these abilities. For example, playing Lego causes the growth of creative skills and imaginative power, cooking improves motor skills, calculations, and precision and also boosts mental activity.


Where it is necessary to not let your kids make mobile phone usage their hobbies, it is important to keep their fun time free of distraction from phones. This is because you want their full involvement in the activity. and when they have phones with them, it is impossible.

However, to make it possible, I recommend using the FamilyTime android parental control app. you can put customized instant locks when you don’t want them to use their phones. Their devices will be temporarily locked for that time. Moreover, to make it a routine, you can use time scheduling features so that you do not have to put locks every day.

In short, this app allows a lot of ways to help you monitor your kids’ activities. Visit their website for more details.

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