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Why Is Digital Printing Better Than Screen Printing?

Every one of us loves to wear t-shirts with some amazing prints to look cool and different. So, have you ever think how you can get a t-shirt with those astonishing designs in just an hour? Different printing techniques like Digital Printer and screen allow getting the desired design on your t-shirt or other materials!

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To some extent, both of these methods work efficiently and give some outstanding results. But, when it comes to details, accuracy, consistency, and a comfortable feel, digital printing winds the game. You may have heard about both of them, but at the present day, digital printing is a more affordable, well-known, and most commonly used technique.

So, if you have developed an interest in knowing more about these two and how digital printing becomes superior, just keep on reading!

What Is Screen Printing?

It is a printing process where multiple layers of ink are applied to the printing surface at a time. The screens used for this printing process are known as the stencil, and you have to use a new stencil for every new color.

It is a very different and unique technique capable of different types of materials or surfaces, including plastic, latex, and textile. During this printing process, you cannot apply the pressure, which makes this technique a suitable option for balloons, wallpapers, and clothes.

It is considered an ideal technique for the manufacturing of customized t-shirts and the printing of the graphics. One can use just one or two colors, which gives a different and unique feeling. The thick ink always feels soft and has an amazing look. It is an affordable technique if you are working on a large scale.

·         Benefits Of Screen Printing

  1. It offers an opportunity to personalize the prints
  2. The more you order, the cheaper would be the price
  3. An ideal option if your design changes once in a blue moon
  4. Versatility in design placement
  5. A cost-effective technique, especially when you are using it for large batches

·         Drawbacks Of Screen Printing

  1. If you want to print multiple colors, it would not be an efficient technique
  2. It gives just one design per batch
  3. A very large investment is required to start the process
  4. Colors bleed into one another

What Is Digital Printing?

Many of you would have been familiar with copying; it is an outdated term used for digital printing. Well, digital printing is a new technique in the market, which involves complex computing. You can view and analyze the print on your screen, and then after finalizing the image, just get its print on the surface.

It is an efficient, quick, and excellent way to produce short prints. Digital print works excellently on all the stocks available today. One can use this technique for direct mail and coupons. Or, if a print requires a more modern and crisp finish, choose digital printing. Above all, the method offers you a very detailed ending as compared to screen printing.

You can use this form of printing for everything or every surface. Here, you get a chance to personalize all of your things. The concept of digital printing was introduced in the 1990s, and it has changed a lot during the meantime. It is just a game of seconds, which makes it a superior technique over screen printing.

·         Benefits Of Digital Printing

  1. Fast, and the best option if you have a tight schedule
  2. Always give a sharp and crisp finish
  3. Offers greater flexibility
  4. One can be made the changes if needed, even multiple times
  5. A perfect choice for personalized gifts
  6. A cost-effective technique, even if you need just a few prints

·         Drawbacks Of Digital Printing

  1. Not an ideal option if you are printing bulk
  2. Cracks can occur in the folds
  3. Absorption of ink into the paper or surface is not up to the mark
  4. Errors in color matching
  5. Sometimes colors appear different on the screen in contrast when they are printed

Key Difference between Digital Printing and Screen Printing

Let’s have a look at key differences between these two methods to learn the reasons which make digital printing a better option:

·         Vibrancy

Screen printing always offers you a very soft, nostalgic, and vibrant look. As a thick ink is applied, one gets brighter colors with an outstanding look in the case of screen printing. The overall appearance of digital printing is equally good and appreciable. But, multiple layers of ink are applied in screen printing; therefore, it gives a brighter look.

·         Color Blending

It’s the ability to blend the colors to create a very smooth gradient and look by just using fewer colors. In the case of color blending, digital printing is considered a more reliable option than screen printing.

The digital printer always offers color gradients with smoother transitions. The colors will never fade and a perfect blend just the way you want. Thus all of these features make the digital print a real winner here.

·         Comfort And Feel

In the case of screen printing, the ink gets stuck in the fibers, thus reducing the breathability of the fiber. In screen printing, multiple layers of the color are applied, which makes the fiber heavy, and as a result, the shirt weighs down the front. Moreover, the texture of the print is rough as compared to digital print. So, the digital printer will always give very smooth and comfortable to wear prints.

·         Details

In the printing world, the detail of every print is a worth considering factor. The smallest details of the print include the lines, texture, and other small elements. And the digital printer always offers you excellent detail of everything. So, you can find a digital printer like Canon ImageRunner to get wonderful printing results.

·         Cost-Effective

Suppose you want to get multiple numbers of prints, then screen printing would be a better choice. The printing in bulk reduces the overall cost of screen printing. But, if you are looking for a single print or have a minimum order quantity, this option would not be an ideal way to go. Thus, most people go for digital printing as they require only a single piece.

·         Consistency

Only very few things are consistent in life, but when it comes to digital printing, it makes it a preferable option over screen printing. The Canon Image Runner processes the digital file and then applies the prints directly on the shirt; thus, it does not involve any variables.

But in screen printing, multiple variables are involved, reducing efficiency and consistency, thus making the digital printer a real winner!

Which One Is Better Screen Printing Or Digital Printing?

Digital printing is far better as compared to screen printing. Screen printing makes a better option only when you are required to get prints in bulk. But if you are looking for details, accuracy, consistency, color blending, and cost-effective procedure, you must go with digital reason. And this is the reason, which has made digital printing a more popular and highly efficient process.


Many of us want to look unique and different. But how could it be possible without different costumes? And this is the reason many people go for customized products, and printing is one of the best ways to get a shirt with the required design or quotes.

Here, you get two options, i.e., screen printing and digital printing. The former is a better choice, but the latter is an ideal option. It’s digital printing that can give you a short with all the required details, desired colors, a very soft feel, and a look!

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