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Why developers choose wordpress for website design & development

WordPress is one of the incredible software systems to build any website, written in PHP, therefore developers choose wordpress for website design & development. Also, it offers a range of features that developers like. In order to create website design & development wordpress is the best option. It is one of the most reliable sources for CMS.

Earlier, WordPress was limited to blogging only, however for the last few years; it has become a favorite choice for most businesses. It helps them to develop their corporate & e-commerce websites. You can search the top web development company and look at their perspective.

Key Reason for choosing WordPress for website design & development

In this article, we are going to share the benefits of using WordPress for website design & development.

  • WordPress is a free source

One of the top reasons that developers look out for wordpress is that it is free. You can easily download the software, edit, customize and use it completely free of charge. For wordpress, you do not need any license or registration. This makes it a valuable platform for all the small and big enterprises. As people with small businesses, do not wish to spend so much money. Wordpress is the secured source for such small and medium businesses. This is the reason why top web Development companies choose wordpress for their website

  • SEO Friendly Out-of-the-box

SEO companies have the first choice to develop SEO-friendly websites. Websites developed through Wordpress are easy to crawl with clear navigation and concise coding right of the box. Using wordpress makes the work of an SEO specialist easy, as one can easily apply advanced optimization techniques. SEO-friendly makes your website grow rapidly, having the attention of your potential customers.

  • WordPress is easy to expand and update:

From a website owner’s point of view, WordPress is quite accessible. It is highly customizable and really easy to use. Once your setup is ready, you can directly log in to add pages and update the content.

Be it your latest post, or you’re updating the existing post, adding images you can edit your site quickly and effectively. Changes are done in seconds. Also, you can update your website by multiple users, at any time, from anywhere even from your mobile phone. It also makes your website SEO-friendly.

  • Availability of WordPress developers

Wordpress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems. Almost all web developers work on WordPress and build websites using WordPress only. The developers work full-time on WordPress websites.

With plethora use of wordpress the website acquires so many benefits;

  1. The competition is stiff, therefore it’s very easy to hire wordpress developers.
  2. Choosing a good developer can expand your existing website through wordpress.


There are so many website owners who didn’t have a good experience with wordpress websites design & development in terms of security. They either blame the wordpress CMS or their web developers and sometimes their web hosting company too. Kripto haberleri

But, the place where they lack is upgrading. Customers must update their wordpress websites regularly. The client’s website must have the necessary security plugins in order to reduce the security breach. It is a secured CMS and is used by most of companies.

  • WordPress Offers Ready-to-use Plugins

Another benefit is wordpress offers more than 50 thousand plugins . You can do anything from your SEO to reviews. And as these plugins are ready to use, you can easily avoid the cost of designing bespoke functions. You can install, update, and fix them quickly and easily.

Also because it is an open-source platform, smart web developers are always burrowing away, creating new and innovative plugins. You only need to install reputable plugins that are compatible with other sites.

  • Themes

If you wish to give a fresh and unique look to your website, then go for wordpress. The themes of wordpress come in different designs and styles. You can choose the best one that fits your website theme and make a great look for your websites.  One of the best ways of website design & development in wordpress.

There are some people who think wordpress is just meant for blog sites, but this is not true. Highly functional websites and e-Commerce websites can be created using this platform. You just need to select the right theme and get started. This will also help you create an SEO-friendly website.


Seeing all the above points, it must be very clear for you why developers choose Wordpress for website design & development. Wordpress is no doubt one of the best Content Management Systems available all around. It makes your website development easy and affordable. If you wish to decide to use your wordpress for website development then without any second thought goes for wordpress.

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Ravi singhania is Senior recruitment specialist in GraphheneSoftware since 2011. He is also focused on General Management, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. Graphhene Software have a team of professional to provide customized solutions.

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