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Why Alt Text Is Important For SEO?

Sometimes alt text seems like a small thing in the SEO world. But do you know that it is important? Yes, it plays a significant role in the SEO ranking of any site or blog. Have you ever paid attention to it? If not, then you must start using alt text for better SEO progress. Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about the optimization of your site content. This optimization brings your site to the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). And image alt text is one of the important pieces of content on your website. 

Most of us may think that alt text is not visible to the user unless they click on the image and save or download it. But there is a significant role played by alt text in SEO. Alt-text is not directly visible to your users. But it is visible for search engine crawlers, the backend team and all. That is why it has a significant impact on the SEO health of your site. Here we will describe to you in detail why alt text is important for SEO ranking. 

What Is Alt Text?

Have you ever seen an image on site which failed to load? There will be a text shown when the picture is not completely loaded. That text is known as alt text. Also, there are some other names for this text. Alt descriptions, image alternative text, etc. are some of the commonly used. Alt-text is always being used by SEO Company in India to make it possible for the site to utilize every single piece of content to achieve a higher ranking. When we post an image on our website it asks for the alt text. That text is used as alt text in case the user failed to load the image then he/she can read the alt text to know what that image says.

Importance Of Alt Text In SEO

But what is the importance of alt text in SEO? Is there any significant use of this text? Why do all the digital marketers recommend using alt text on websites? Following are some importance for alt text in different perspectives.

For Screen Readers

Screen reading extensions are used by many websites to make blind people read out the website content. To make it possible for them to know about the visual content, the alt text is always the best resource.

For Search Engines

Search engines send their crawlers to check out the website content and index it. But did you know that crawlers can’t read the images? Because they are bots. They know about the images through alt text.

For Users

Users get a huge benefit from the alt text. They get to know what an image is all about when the image is not completely loaded. 

And For Websites?

Perfectly written alt text can help websites to get their website ranking uplifted. Yes, only an alt text can bring your website to the top of search engine results, when it comes to image searches. 

Reasons To Use Alt Text

What are some specific reasons to use alt text? Why should you use alt text? Following are some reasons. 

More Search Engine Visibility

If you want more search engine visibility for your website, then you must use alt text for images. There are two benefits in terms of visibility. The first one is it brings your site up in images search. And secondly, it makes site crawlers more aware of your content. 

Crawlers Read The Images Too

Crawlers can read the images with the help of alt text only. So if you want them to index your images also, then you must add useful alt text.

Overall Improvement In SEO Ranking

The overall improvement is what every site wants from image alt text. It helps sites to become more progressive in SEO ranking. If you are also looking for such overall improvement then must follow the guidelines of image alt text. 

Do’s & Don’t Do’s Of Alt Text

Follow these do’s and don’t do’s when you are going to use alt text in your image uploads on your site. 

Don’t Use Auto-Generated Names

Some site management platforms will auto-generate image names and image alt text for your images. Never use the auto-generated text.

Don’t Use Camera Given Names

Cameras give a name to all the images. Don’t use that camera given names as alt text or image names.

Use Keywords As Alt Text

Rather than using plain text, use keywords in your alt text. 

Describe What Your Image Is

Don’t complicate things much. Just simply write something which your image is trying to describe. 

Final Thought

Using alt text can boost your SEO rankings. However, no miracles are going to happen when you use alt text. But if you haven’t ever used alt text, then you are losing something big. Try to optimize all the alt texts istanbul escort on your website images and you will see the difference. Your page views will increase and search engines will consider your content more useful for the searchers.

Mansi Rana

Mansi Rana - Managing Director at EZ Rankings – SEO Company India. With experience of more than 13 years, she has mentored several leaders in the industry. She loves writing about digital, latest technologies, venture bubbles, and market trends.

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