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Health & Fitness

Which Burger Sauce Taste Best?

It is the burger’s picture that appears in my head when someone says fast food. And possibly, it is the same case with all of you. They have the supreme quality of igniting intense craving in anyone. Though we are crazy about burgers, we credit the sauces less than they deserve for making a burger extra savoury. I did not notice the worth of sauces until the last week when I ordered some burgers from different takeaways in Stockport. I discovered the same type of burger tasted extremely different with different types of sauce. So, let me share some of the best sauces and why they are special.

1.Traditional fry sauce:

A traditional fry sauce is a combination of savoury ingredients which are best suited for hamburgers and fries. It is a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup blended with spices, pickles, mustard, hot sauce, and other flavour enhancers.


It is a mixture of Dijon mustard and mayonnaise. It is best suited for beefy burgers to double their taste and texture. If you are having your burger with Dijjonaise, you will not resist eating more than usual.

3.Sriracha Mayo:

It is a combination of mayonnaise and sriracha chilli sauce. Sriracha mayo adds a strong chilli taste accompanied with creamy mayo that complements the taste of a burger. So all the spice freaks out there, this sauce is for you.

4.Classic Aioli:

While all of us prefer hot sauces with our burgers, let me tell you that classic aioli is one of the best cold sauces. The pure and blazing combination of fresh garlic in extra virgin oil is just awesome.

5.Jalapeno cheese sauce:

Jalapeno cheese sauce adds a strong kick to almost most meals. Jalapeno mixed with cheese is a double treat for burger lovers.

Which one is the best?

There are many other burger sauces, but I have mentioned my favourites. So, I cannot determine the best sauce as it differs from person to person. What my taste buds find flavoursome can be a terrible taste to others. But generally speaking, the above all sauces are simply must-try sauces with hamburgers and fries. Give them a try and share your thoughts.

Why sauces are essential for burgers? 

Sauces are an integral part of any dish, especially for unjuicy, dry, and crisp dishes. Sauces are essential because they:

1.Add flavour: 

The main significance of a sauce is that it adds taste and flavour to burgers. A simple burger with no flavoury ingredients can be paired with a sauce to obtain the kind of flavour we want. Let’s say if you want a more spicy flavour, you will opt for a traditional fry sauce or sriracha mayo to add a little twist of spice and buttery flavour. But if you want a more contemporary cheese flavour, you can have a jalapeno cheese sauce. Therefore, a sauce adds flavour to any meal, including burgers.

2.Add moisture: 

Another significant characteristic of sauces is that they can add moisture to an otherwise dry and crispy food item. Have you ever tried a dry zinger burger without any sauce? Or can you eat a burger that is just made of a piece of meat squinched in between two buns? Of course, not. We cannot even swallow a bit of such a burger. That is why the sauce is an essential item with a burger.

3.Add texture: 

Furthermore, a sauce adds texture to the burger. It is said that you eat with eyes. If something appeals to your eyes, you will definitely get anxious to try it. The down streaming sauces from the burgers are appealing and appetizing features. Besides taste and moisture, sauces also add a texture that our eyes find attractive.

There are a variety of sauces that each restaurant offers. You can also make them at home by following simple steps. So, make sure you look for the right combo of sauces when eating a burger.

How and with what to diversify your diet? If you like different specialties and like to eat a hamburger at a fast food restaurant, we have some tips for preparing it at home. If you follow the procedure, you’re sure to enjoy your meal. Your children will be the most pleased, as they will find this dish a temptation they can hardly resist.

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