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What You Need To Know About Band Heaters

When you are looking for hot runner systems, band heaters can be a great alternative to traditional core heaters. Core heaters run on electricity and require the constant movement of the gating system in order to stay heated. Band heaters do not have this requirement. When using band heaters, your gates will always remain at 350 degrees celsius. Band heaters also only require the use of one power head. To get started with your band heater, here’s what you need to know:

– Make sure that there is enough space in the barrel for the length of your band heater. You will want a height from 10″ to 20″ between it and any sprue or runner system.

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– Make sure that you have a good connection to your power source. If the band heater is too far away from your power head, it will not heat up to 350 degrees celsius.

– When running the system, make sure that all of you sprue gates are open so that there is no strain on any one point in your system.

– Your band heater will most likely be strong enough to use as your hold station. Make sure that you have a good connection at this point in order for it to work correctly.

– If possible, keep your system tight and make sure the height is correct between your gates and any runner systems. This will reduce stress on any one point.

– When you are running your band heater, keep an eye on it and make sure that it is staying at 350 degrees celsius. If it starts to drop off, check the connection between the power head and the band heater. If there is no problem here, shut down your system for a minute to let the temperature come back up.

– Make sure your band heater does not touch any part of your system. It needs to be a good 1/8″ away from anything metal on the machine, and around 3/8″ from all other objects.

– You cannot have any insulation or shielding on the power head, as this will change the temperatures that you need to hit.

– Make sure your power head is not on something that will change temperatures, such as a heating mat or insulation. You will need to either keep it in the open and un-insulated, or purchase an insulated unit designed for use with band heaters.

– Make sure you know how to seal off your system before using it. This is the only way that the system will recognize that there is no flow and heat up automatically.

– Make sure you have a high enough wattage power head for your band heater and connections (ie: 1/4″ connections need at least a 100watt power head).

– Make sure your band heater is the correct length for your system. You will want enough to get all of your gates up to 350 degrees celsius. If you are not able to achieve this with the size of heater you have, you may need more than one band heater in order to properly heat your system.

A Band Heater Manufacturer can help you answer any questions you may have regarding your band heater.

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