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What Causes Outlook Data File Corruption – Verified Solution

Summary:- In this upcoming post, we will discuss the causes of Outlook data file corruption and along with that we will share the major causes behind the PST file corruption and methods by which users can easily resolve this issue entirely on their own.

Microsoft Outlook, as we all know, is a widely used email software. This application is well-liked by users since it offers excellent functionality and a user-friendly interface. However, despite its many advantages, it has several drawbacks and errors.

One example being is the corruption of a PST file. The majority of Outlook difficulties are caused by PST files, which hold millions of emails and other mail items on the local disc, such as contacts and calendars, kırkaeli escort
tasks, attachments, and notes.

When a data file becomes corrupted or damaged, it usually causes many Outlook güdül escort
errors and prevents users from sending or receiving emails in their mailboxes. Users’ valuable data may be lost as a result of data file corruption.

Furthermore, as we stated previously, we will share a secure and reliable solution. But before that, let’s discuss the main causes that are associated with Outlook data file corruption.

Major Causes of Outlook PST File Corruption:-

There are number of reasons behind the Outlook data file corruption. Therefore, here are some main causes that might lead to this issue:-

1. Oversize Data File:-

As we already know, in the previous versions of Microsoft Outlook such as 2003 and 2007. The size limit of ANSI PST file is 2 GB. Even though the latest versions of MS outlook later come with UNICODE PST that has a size limit of 20 GB. When the size of data file exceeds from its recommend limit, the performance of Outlook will be degraded.

Due to this, users will face problems sending receiving emails in their mailboxes. As the size of PST will grow faster exceeding its limit, users might face some problems that will ultimately lead to data file corruption.

2. System or Microsoft Outlook Crash:-

MS Outlook or the system is not invincible, and it may crash due to a variety of hardware faults. Problems with the operating system and installed software might potentially have serious repercussions. If MS Outlook or the system fails while you are working, the PST file will be significantly damaged, resulting in data loss. In some situations, if some severe issue is the reason of the system or Outlook breakdown, you will be unable to restart your system. You will permanently lose all data files.

To avoid such issues, it is recommended that you choose a good hardware setup while also maintaining the system properly optimized with the latest versions of the software. It is highly advised that users should not install the OS beta version as they are full of crashes, bugs and technical glitches.

3. Abrupt Shutdown:-

Completing and saving tasks will have major implications for the PST files saved on the system, just like a system crash, force shutdown, or sudden shutdown when MS Outlook is operating. These incidents can also permanently harm the PST data file, resulting in considerable data loss.

Despite the fact that the force shutdown is manual, the major reason of the sudden shutdown is power loss. You should get a UPS to avoid such difficulties. If you use a laptop, keep an eye on the battery level. Keeping the charger plugged in while working is another excellent approach. If you suspect your laptop battery is faulty, replace it as soon as possible.

4. Closing Outlook Forcefully:-

In case your system or hardware is incompatible then, MS Outlook may stop responding. The issue will prevent users to send or receive emails in their mailboxes. You have to use task manager in order to force close the Microsoft Outlook email client immediately, but restarting the application might cause more severe problems. As a result, closing MS Outlook application forcefully might cause data file corruption.

Microsoft Outlook might sometimes freezes or stops responding due to its incapability of completing an application including updating or processing the Outlook data file. In such cases, users have to wait till the application starts itself automatically. However, if the MS Outlook fails to respond in couple of minutes, then you have to restart Outlook. In short words, always wait for the application to respond before you close it forcefully in order to prevent Outlook data file corruption.

Now that we know the causes behind this query, you must be wondering that “is there any way that I can solve this issue? Or “can I fix my corrupted PST file?” Well, do not worry in this upcoming section we will provide a secure and reliable solution for you to repair your data file.

Got Corrupted Data File? No Worries, Here’s How you can Repair it:-

There are many third-party applications available for users to fix their Outlook data file. But for this procedure, users want the best and ideal solution to resolve this problem. So, we highly recommend the Outlook PST Recovery Tool. Furthermore, this tool allows users to recover and restore corrupted data file. Along with that, it provides multiple saving options for users to export their recovered items into.

Final thoughts:-

Through this post, we have discussed about major causes of Outlook data file corruption. Along with causes, we have also mentioned an expert solution for users to repair their PST file. Users can rely on the solution that we have stated in this post.

This application allows users to recover and repair their data file. Not only that, it also maintains meta data properties of email such as Cc, subject, attachments and other items throughout the procedure. It preserves data integrity and folder structure and keeps data originality intact even after the operation.

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