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What Are The Uses of Dewatering Pumps?

The term “dewatering” refers to the process of pumping out water. These pumps operate at lower pressures and lower lifts. Therefore, they are most effective when large volumes of water need to be removed. Construction uses of Dewatering Pumps vary, from small projects to large-scale infrastructure projects. Generally, these pumps operate in the range of 65-350 GPM and are relatively quiet. The benefits of these pumps over other types of pumping equipment include their efficiency and ease of maintenance.


Mining uses of dewatering pumps include treating wastewater before it is reused and pumping it back into the mine. Because mining processes generate large amounts of water that may be contaminated, dewatering pumps are used to treat and separate these waters. These pumps can be found in heavy-duty centrifugal designs and flap valve AOD pumps for irregular particles.


Dewatering pumps are an essential component in the construction process. They are used for various purposes, including building foundations and dams. The circumference of these structures is crucial to their structural integrity. Dewatering methods can include electro-osmosis and gravity flow. Dewatering pumps are the most efficient and valuable for dewatering applications below the water table. In addition to their use for construction, dewatering pumps prevent soil erosion and improve water quality.


The municipal sector often uses dewatering pumps for various purposes. For example, they may bring a mobile surface pump or submersible pump to dewater a construction site after heavy rain. They are also used as a bypass for broken water or sewer lines.

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Open-cast Mining

Open-cast mining uses dewatering pumps to keep water levels at constant level. This process aims to prevent flooding and protect walls from instability due to water pressure. The dewatering pumps are used in many wells in open-cast mining. In addition to pumping the water out of the mining pit, the pumps are also used to prevent the shaft from becoming blocked by hardening deposits.

Wellpoint Dewatering

A standard header main pipe is connected to the healthy point. This flexbox has an adjustable push-fit valve so that you can control the amount of water and air entering the system. You can also trim the pipe to get a clearer view of what is being pumped. A dewatering pump is connected to the healthy point header pipe and pumps the water to the designated point. A PVC well point is an economical choice as it can be reused. A second well point can be connected to the first one to dewater the same area further.

Sediment Filter Bags

Sediment filter bags capture water’s sediment, sludge, and other suspended solids. They use inward pressure to provide enclosed dewatering. Unlike a dewatering pump, a sediment filter bag does not require a support container. These bags are often made of geosynthetics and textiles, a general classification of synthetic materials with cellular confinement and geotextile properties. The materials used in sediment filter bags are usually nonwoven and woven geotextiles, geocells, and geomembranes.


Among the many types of displacement pumps available in the market, available today is the PT150 wellpoint pump. Designed for horizontal and vertical dewatering applications, the pump has self-priming capabilities and can handle large amounts of air and water. Because it is self-priming, the pump can run dry indefinitely without damage. It is a versatile dewatering pump widely used for various applications, including construction sites, wastewater treatment plants, and mines.

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