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BlockchainMobile App Development

What Are the Top 5 Blockchain APIs in 2022?

Top 5 Blockchain APIs In 2022

Blockchain , the base technology behind the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum, has revolutionized the world. Beyond its use to support digital currencies, Blockchain technology is becoming used in various sectors, leading to rapid growth. Blockchain APIs permit Blockchain developers to build Blockchain -based applications that communicate with Blockchain nodes, Blockchain networks, and clients through an API. Blockchain APIs can facilitate the entire process of Blockchain data transfer and node communications for Blockchain -based applications.  

Furthermore, some companies offering revolutionary Blockchain technology have released Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Blockchain developers to access their capabilities and incorporate the features into their applications.

How do you choose the top Blockchain APIs? What factors should you consider? Let’s identify the best API service provider specifically tailored to your requirements. To assist you find the top Blockchain APIs, we have reviewed many of them and listed the best five. 

5 Top Blockchain APIs of 2022

Coinbase API

Coinbase is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides an easy and secure method of buying and selling various cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash Ethereum & more.  

API Features: This API enables you to add Blockchain -related capabilities into new and current applications. Through the API, it is possible to accomplish various tasks, such as gathering read-only information, creating accounts and digital wallets, purchasing/selling & receiving/selling cryptocurrencies and securely storing them. 

API Supported Cryptocurrencies: The API accepts bitcoin cash, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash.

Pricing: The API is available for free.

Ease of use: Coinbase API provides a variety of mobile and client library SDKs available in various programming languages to assist users in integrating the API.

Pro Tip: You can contact any mobile app development company to ask more about Coinbase API.

2. Bitcoin API

This API offers access to the weighted average in the calculations of bitcoin prices. BitcoinAverage gathers and aggregates live currency prices from major exchanges across the globe, making it possible to quickly retrieve the information you require. 

API Features: Bitcoin API enables you to access the longest-running price data on cryptocurrency since 2013. The API allows you to access live prices, volume data, OHLC data, and historical prices for various cryptocurrencies.

API Supported Cryptocurrencies: The API allows for cryptocurrencies of various types and more than 165 currencies.

Pricing: It is free but submit under 5,000 requests monthly. To get access to more limits and options, sign up for one paid plan. Prices range with a minimum of $12 per month and can go up to $75 per month. You can ask any Blockchain development company for a price quotation. 

Ease of use: It provides detailed documentation & code samples in many programming languages to help begin using the API easily. 

3. Blockchain API

The Blockchain API offers outstanding capabilities to integrate the payment function of cryptocurrency into your project.

API Features: The Blockchain API offers powerful features that will help you start making bitcoin-related apps. With the API, you can begin receiving crypto-based payments, sending & receiving online payments through Blockchain wallets, accessing current exchange rates from huge bitcoin exchanges, gaining access to bitcoin charts that provide historical data, looking for bitcoin transactions and other features.

API Supported Cryptocurrencies: The API is compatible with Ethereum, bitcoin cash, etc.

Pricing Cost: The API is free to use.

Ease of use: It comes with a detailed manual, tutorials in various languages, and additional sources to effortlessly help you integrate with the API.

4. Cryptocurrency API

The Zloadr cryptocurrency API lets you create fascinating applications that utilize strong Blockchain technology.

API Features: The cryptocurrency API offers a variety of endpoints designed to meet the demands of mission-critical needs of crypto-passionate Blockchain developers. Utilizing RESTful API, you can access a range of tasks. 

These include finding the most current market data and trading history, observing the trading of cryptos on exchanges, and obtaining exchange rates between fiat and crypto.  

API Supported Cryptocurrencies: It supports several cryptocurrencies.

Pricing: It costs $9.99 per month. However, it accepts only 10,000 requests per month. It is possible to choose other paid plans to get access to greater rates and limits.

Easy to use: Zloadr has extensive tutorials and documentation to easily help you get up and running using the cryptocurrency API.

5. Ethereum API

Ethereum API is a robust API that Bitcoin Average provides.

API Features: It is a feature of the API that uses GEX data, accessible via Bitcoin Average API capabilities. It can provide at least a one-second-long refresh rate for various currencies, with a preferred lock-in time and live prices. 

The API includes endpoints to generate custom currency indexes, deliver the latest & average prices for currency symbols, obtain the ticker value and price shifts for currency pairs, return ticker info, etc.

API Supported Cryptocurrencies: It is compatible with various cryptocurrencies & 165+ currencies.

Pricing: You can access Ethereum API at no cost. But you cannot submit not more than 5000 requests each month. If you want to access more limits, you can sign up for any paid plans that range from a minimum of $12 per month and go up to greater than $75 monthly.  

Ease of use: The documentation is easy to help you integrate the API effortlessly and without any programming difficulties.

A Few Last Words

Blockchain  APIs remove the need to create an entire system of cryptocurrency. This can save you considerable time. Above, we’ve presented the top Blockchain APIs in the current FinTech world. You can choose the one after going thoroughly through these APIs. 

Certain APIs offer exceptional performances, while some focus on providing superior security. Your requirements and needs must determine the final choice of Blockchain technology. 

Author Bio

Peter Handscomb is an expert app developer at MobileCoderz, an established best Blockchain development company. With more than 11 years of professional expertise, he has worked with various leading startups and established enterprises. Apart from the professional experience, she writes for magazines, books and volunteers for human rights. 

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