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What Are the Different Types of Clean Energy?

Right now, there are a lot of threats to the world that we must face. As the climate continues to change, it is important to find ways to protect the planet. One of the ways to do so is to invest in renewable energy with the help of experts, such as the team from Bærum Energi. At the same time, it is important to take a closer look at what clean energy looks like, how we can make clean energy more common, and the impact this might have on the world around us. What are the different types of clean energy we may want to use?

Solar Energy

One of the most common sources of clean energy discussed by Baerum Energi is solar energy. If you have seen solar panels on a building, you know what solar energy looks like. Solar energy is energy that comes directly from the sun. When UV rays from the sun reach the planet, they have a significant amount of energy. We can use solar panels to absorb this energy and use it to power our electrical equipment. Furthermore, it is possible to store solar energy that we can use when the day is cloudy. Solar energy is one of the most important types of clean energy, and it will play a significant role in our ability to create a cleaner planet moving forward.

Water Energy

Another common type of clean energy is called water energy. Also called hydropower, you have seen water energy sources across the world because they come in the form of a dam. For example, one of the biggest sources of hydropower is the Hoover Dam in the United States. The goal is to put a dam in a river that causes water to back up behind it. Then, as the water flows through the dam, it spins various turbines. As the turbines spin, they generate electricity that we can use to power our devices. Water energy will only become more important moving forward because it can help us move away from traditional sources of energy, such as fossil fuels.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is also incredibly important. If you have seen windmills, you have seen wind energy at work. Wind energy is more common at higher elevations because the wind tends to blow more often. At the same time, windmills can be placed just about anywhere. Windmills have received a lot of attention recently because they are cost-effective, generate significant amounts of electricity, and can help us save the environment. It is important to work with professionals, such as the team from Baerum Energi to get the most out of wind energy. It can play a significant role in our ability to clean up the planet moving forward.

Geothermal Energy

Finally, another source of clean energy is geothermal energy. This is energy that comes directly from the surface of the planet. If we drill down to the core of our planet, we will see lots of lava and magma flowing throughout the core. There is a lot of energy contained in this area, and we can use it to power our devices. Instead of having to rely on traditional fossil fuels, we can rely on geothermal energy instead. There are a lot of homes and businesses that have already taken advantage of geothermal energy, and there is a high likelihood that this will play a significant role in clean energy moving forward.

Invest in Clean Energy

These are just a few of the most common types of clean energy that we can use to create a greener world around us. Even though there are a lot of challenges facing us moving forward, we can handle them if we work together. If you would like to learn more about investing in clean energy for your home or business, you should reach out to professionals who can help you. Even though it can be a bit of a shift to go from traditional energy sources to clean energy, there are organizations that can facilitate the transfer. Furthermore, the benefit this has for us as a global population, and our planet as a whole, make this transition worth it.

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