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What Are The Benefits and Types of A Wood Fence?

If you’re unhappy with the look of your current fence, it may be time to consider an upgrade. There are a variety of materials and styles to choose from, so it’s important that you think about what you want out of your new fence before making a decision. In this article, we discuss some of the advantages of a wood fence.


Benefits of opting a wood fence


  • Better for the environment

Wood is a natural material. It requires very little manufacturing and creates a lot less waste than other fencing materials, such as aluminum and vinyl. Because of this, wood is better for the environment when compared to other types of fences. It is also more flexible because it can be shaped into different patterns, so you can modify it to fit the look of your yard.


  • Easy to repair

If you’re unhappy with the color of your wood fence, it’s easy to paint it. If your wood fence is damaged, this is also an easy fix because the wood can be sanded and retouched. Even if only the paint needs to be touched up, it’s still better than having to replace the entire thing.


  • Properly installed

If you want to keep your wood fence looking good, it’s important that it is correctly installed. Since you can easily repair and paint wood, any gaps or damage can be easily fixed. However, if your fence is badly installed or damaged at the time of installation, this can be very costly. Wood fences are also better at stopping sound than metal fences because they are thicker and absorb more sound.


  • Beauty and durability

Wood is a beautiful material that provides more than just an aesthetic value. Wooden fences are also known for their durability. A wood fence will last for decades and can last even longer if you maintain it properly. This means if you choose a high-quality wood, such as cedar, your fence will look good and last a long time. Evlerinize gelen escortlar istanbul beylikdüzü escort internet sitesinde. If you prefer to use more affordable woods such as pine or fir, you will still have a strong fence that takes little maintenance.


How to install wood fencing


If you’re considering a new fence and don’t have the proper tools or know-how, it may be a good idea to hire someone to do the work for you. Fencing contractors can help you choose the right type of new fence and make sure that it is installed properly. If you want to install your own fence, take into account what materials will be used and how they will be installed.

Wood fences are typically made from wood posts, planks and brackets. Your fence will need a cement base to secure the posts to the ground. Once your posts are secure, the rails should be placed between them and your brackets attached to the fence. You may need assistance when installing your fence if you have a large yard. However, if you are up for it, you can install it yourself with enough time to spare.


Types of a Wood Fence


Before you purchase and install a new fence, it’s important to take into account what is best for your home. Not all fences are created equal, and you want to choose the best type for your property. There are many different types of wood fences. Below, we go over some of your options and how they can fit into your home.


  • Picket fence

This is one of the most common wooden fences used in many places around the world. You can easily identify this type as it looks like a line of pickets that are evenly spaced from each other. This style is very easy to build and is considered to be one of the most cost effective types of fences in many scenarios.

The major disadvantage with this type of fence is that it doesn’t look good in areas where there are no trees or shrubs and weeds can easily grow. If you have thin trees and shrubs in this area then you might want to rethink your choice of fencing.

This is the type of fence that mimics the style of a picket fence as it has similar sized planks as the picket fences. There isn’t much maintenance on these fences and they also look very attractive when painted.

The only downside to this type of fence is that it is more expensive compared to the Picket fence. The taller slats are designed for privacy and can be used at the backside of the house where nobody will see it.


  • Lattice fences

This is another type of fence that is very similar to the picket style. The only difference between picket and lattice fence is that you can easily see through the lattice when you look through it. This makes it more popular as you can keep track of what’s happening outside by looking through the cracks in the wood.

This style comes with a wooden border around it, which can be painted or left to remain unpainted depending on your preference.


  • Cedar fences

This is a very popular and beautiful style for wood fences. You can add different spikes or decorations to it depending on your preference. This type of fence looks beautiful when painted and the cedar looks amazing in such areas.

The main disadvantage with this type of fence is that the cedar is not long lasting and might need replacing within a few years. This is not a very good option if you want something that will last, but it does look great if all you’re looking for is to have a beautiful painted fence.


  • Post and rail fences

This type of wood fence looks very elegant and is more expensive than the other styles. The railings have a decorative look to them and you can choose to add them at either side of the fence.

You need someone who is good with woodworking to build this type of fence as it might be challenging for the average person to build. The main disadvantage with this style is that you need to keep on checking it periodically, as they are not very durable wood fences.


  • Pilaster fence

This is one of the most unique types of wood fences that you can build to give a unique look to your property. The main advantage with this type of fence is that it looks great when painted, as the wood looks amazing whenever it is painted.

You can also add ornaments and decorations to this fence if you prefer.


  • Shadowbox fences

This is one of the most beautiful wood fences that you can build. The main advantage with this type of fence is that it looks good when painted and also can be used for privacy.

The main disadvantage with this type of fence is that it doesn’t look very durable as it might need replacing in a few years. This could be an expensive choice if you’re looking for something that will last a long time, but it might be a good choice if you plan to paint it every now and then.


  • Boarding fences

This is a wood fence that is similar to a picket fence, but it has boards at the top of the fence that you can use tools at. These tools include anything from screwdrivers to hammers. The main advantage with this type of fence is that it won’t damage your plants and shrubs as the boards are simply for looks and there are no nuts or bolts attaching them together.


Wooden Fence Styles


If you want your wooden fence to be more decorative than functional, you can choose from several different styles. In terms of colors, there are over a hundred different colors to choose from. If you like the look of natural wood, choose a fence that looks like it came straight off a tree. You can even stain it to match the color of your home or pick a more trendy pattern.

If you want your wooden fence to be more durable and add value to your property, consider its design or material. For example, you can choose an austere style that looks like a traditional picket fence. If you want to maintain your yard for years to come, use quality materials such as cedar or redwood.

If you need a more secure fence and want it to blend in with your home, try a vinyl or aluminum fence. These fences are typically more affordable and less maintenance, which makes them a good choice if you have young kids or pets at home.


Wood Fence Materials


There are a variety of different types of wood fences. Each type of wood is different and has its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, redwood and cedar have durable properties that make them a good option if you want to upgrade your fence because they are resistant to rot and decay.

Softwoods such as pine or fir will not last as long but they are more affordable. If you want a more stable and long-lasting fence, choose redwood or cedar but if you’re on a budget and only plan to use your fence for a few years, choose pine or fir.


Wood Fence Maintenance And Repairs


You should also take into account how much maintenance will be needed for each type of wood. Each type of wood has its own upkeep requirements. For example, if you live in an area that is prone to termites, avoid using redwood.


Final words


A fence is a barrier, typically constructed to enclose, divide, or protect. These fences are usually made of wood. There are many different styles for wood fences and it is essential to decide what best suits your needs before you start building anything. 


I am a freelance writer who specializes in email marketing campaigns, blogs and site contents. He is graduated from Cambridge University with a bachelor’s degree of arts in creative writing. Writing has always been his passion and now he is fulfilling this dream by writing various articles and blogs for various sites and helping them to make an impression among their competitors.

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