What Are Some Side Effects of Using CBG Products?

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is a cannabinoid present in Cannabis. It can be considered the parent of all cannabinoids because it is the precursor to other cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. In recent years, CBG has been gaining more attention from researchers because it may have some therapeutic benefits that are yet to be discovered. Using CBG products may lead to different side effects in some users.

The following are some side effects of using CBG products:

Cause Dizziness

Some people who use cannabis report feeling dizzy after usage. This has been attributed to the increased blood flow caused by cannabis, leading to an increase in heart rate and low blood pressure. This is further exacerbated in people who use cannabis when sitting or standing up because this will cause blood to pool and the heart rate to increase even more.

Cause Anxiety

The chemicals in marijuana, particularly THC and CBD, can interfere with brain functions like mood and memory by activating cannabinoid receptors in the brain. While it has been shown that cannabinoids have anti-anxiety properties, many users still report feeling anxious after using marijuana. It has not been studied whether CBG products may be responsible for these feelings of anxiety among some cannabis users or if it is caused by another cannabinoid such as THC or CBD.

Cause Drowsiness

One reason behind the preference for smoking marijuana at night is to achieve a night of better sleep. However, cannabis has been linked to causing sleep disturbances because THC can affect melatonin production, a hormone that helps people fall asleep. Cannabis use has also been associated with nightmares and vivid dreams.

Many long-term users of marijuana report feeling tired and sluggish during the day and having problems concentrating and staying focused for prolonged periods. These side effects may be caused by cannabinoids or other chemicals present in cannabis that interfere with brain function, leading to these problems.

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