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What Aluminum Framing Is Used For

An aluminum frame is a type of construction that uses thin pieces of steel or aluminum to build structures.Aluminum framing has weight-bearing abilities similar to traditional wood, but it is rustproof and does not require very high temperatures in order to be made into different shapes. Since aluminum contracts and expands at the same rate as glass, it is often used as a frame for large panes of glass. In addition to being used as framing, aluminum is also frequently found in the siding and roofing of houses. As an example, you can find aluminum roofing at any home improvement store.

In addition to being used as framing and a construction material, aluminum is also widely sought after for its ability to reflect heat. Aluminum is used in many ovens, fireplaces, grills and other appliances that are meant to get hot. It also excels as a cooking surface because of its high melting point. Since it does not react readily with acid or moisture, aluminum is often found on the exteriors of boats and ships. It is also used in many aircraft because of its ability to resist corrosion.

Aluminum framing has several advantages over the more traditional wood frame. Since it does not need to be treated or painted, aluminum framing requires much less maintenance than traditional wood framing. It also does not require any special tools for installation since it can easily be cut with a saw. Some aluminum framing can be formed into any shape desired, so it is ideal for use in highly expressive art or architecture. It also costs less than traditional wood framing and requires fewer supportive materials. In addition to being a popular construction material, aluminum has been found to have many uses as well as strengths that make it a wise choice for those seeking to buy framing material.

Maintenance is very low on aluminum, as it does not rot or decay, corrode or rust. Aluminum also has good thermal conductivity but it does not emit any gases at high temperatures. This means that it works well for cooking whether baking in an oven, stir frying over a hot grill, boiling water for pasta or cooking on a campfire.

One of the most popular uses for aluminum framing is as window frames for houses, especially where there are large panes of glass. Aluminum is extremely strong, so it can easily support the weight of large sheets of glass without sagging or bowing. Its strength also allows it to be formed into any shape needed to fit around any openings for framing. Aluminum is also very lightweight, so installing large panes of glass becomes much easier when using aluminum frames.

The strength and light weight that makes aluminum such a popular choice for window frames in houses also make it an ideal material in roofing and siding materials. Aluminum can be easily molded into any shape needed to fit around support beams or other irregular structures. It can also be tailored to fit many types of architecture, from the modern and simple designs found in ultra-modern homes to ornate period styles that evoke a sense of bygone eras.

For design assistance for Aluminum Framing, contact Minitec Profile Systems and speak to a specialist.

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