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FeaturedWeb Hosting

Website Hosting in Vancouver – What is Website Hosting

Website Hosting in Vancouver 

The question that you need to know is what is website hosting? Strictly speaking, hosting is the act of putting your website or web application on a server so that everyone can access it over the Internet. In practice, it refers to all the services provided by a web host. We provide the best website hosting in Vancouver. While you can theoretically host your website server on your premises, relying on a web hosting service provider like us as we offer many advantages. Trusted hosts (like us) regularly update their hardware for better performance and security. Experts continuously monitor server uptime to protect customer sites against malicious viruses and malware attacks. It’s like having your own team of IT experts at an affordable price.

What relationship does the domain have with web hosting?

Let’s think of your website as a house built from individual files. The web hosting would be the land where the house (website) is located and the domain, its address. When someone types the domain name in the browser or clicks on a link, through them the browser locates the correct server and downloads the files from the website.

What types of accommodation are there?

Web hosting may vary in features and prices. When looking for a web host, website hosting Vancouver offers you some of the following conditions:

Web Hosting also called Shared Hosting

In the past, sharing a server caused problems, such as increasing the traffic or resource usage of a site, slowing down “neighboring” websites. However, our web hosting subscriptions come with a generous amount of resources that guarantee smooth operation, in most cases. We also run acceleration and load balancing solutions to contain spikes, as well as measures to investigate websites that use unusual amounts of resources.

In general, sharing is the most cost-effective way to host your website. Each server hosts numerous sites, and resources are distributed evenly across all of them. We are one of the leading and most trusted providers of web hosting services for many years in Vancouver, Canada.

About WordPress Hosting

The accommodation WordPress has been optimized for WordPress server level to ensure smooth navigation.

How is WordPress different from normal hosting? While the details vary by provider, most of our WordPress hosting packages offer the following features:

  1. A simple one-click installation that avoids the dozen manual steps when setting up a new WordPress site. At, WordPress installs automatically in less than a minute.
  2. Optimized server settings for faster loading of WordPress pages. They can include performance cache optimizations and other tweaks.
  3. Security measures to protect you against common WordPress attacks. Since WordPress powers more than 30% of the web, it is often the target of attack. There is also “Managed WordPress”, which is a predefined secure environment that restricts the use of incompatible or vulnerable plugins.

WordPress hosting can run on shared, VPS, and dedicated servers.

VPS hosting

VPS means “virtual private server” in English. Like shared hosting, websites that run on VPS share a physical server with other websites. However, each VPS guest has its own partition with guaranteed dedicated resources. They often have more memory, storage and processing capacity, at a high cost.

VPS hosting is recommended for very experienced users capable of managing servers.  The VPS clients have root access to their partition and can configure their server software such as Ubuntu, CentOS or Windows Server. VPS provides a high level of customization to run web applications built for those systems.

“Business” and “Premium” hosts generally refer to VPS hosts managed by the provider’s in-house experts. However, levels of support, subscription details, and prices vary considerably, so website hosting Vancouver encourage you to learn about these services before purchasing.

Dedicated hosting

In dedicated hosting, you have the entire server to yourself. It gives you access to a VPS, but you don’t have to share the server with other sites or applications. In effect, it is the rental of a physical web server hosted on the premises of your service provider. Our experts will help you at any time when you need some assistance. 

This high-end web host is only recommended for high-performance, enterprise-grade sites. Small and medium-sized businesses do not need to spend thousands of dollars a month to rent a dedicated server for their business.

How to choose the best web host?

The web hosting offered by service providers like website hosting Vancouver company comes with a variety of specifications and packages. Here’s what to keep in mind when purchasing one:

  • No bandwidth or traffic limit; some web servers charge more after a certain cap.
  • With built-in Website Builder or a one-click WordPress installation that will allow you to quickly access your website.
  • Plenty of storage space, especially now that large media files abound.
  • Email hosting included with your web hosting plan. Many providers charge separately for each email account or the email hosting itself.
  • Different domain registration services make it a one-stop shop. Having your domain registered with one provider and hosted by another is a hassle.
  • Excellent customer support that is available whenever you need it. For example, offers ongoing chat support in multiple languages .


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