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Why IP Phone are essential for any call center?

VoIP phone system

IP phones are phone systems that use a router and modem to send and receive voice data over the internet. The technology behind internet-based phones is still evolving and improving. IP phones now provide HD voice quality, lower operating costs, and advanced business features, to name a few advantages that require very little upfront investment.

How IP phone works

IP Phones in India are being used mostly in call center

IP phone systems use IP or other digital protocols to transmit voice communications over the internet. Data is digitally transferred to a LAN, then switched to analog voice signals, and then sent to the PSTN using an IP PBX system. Due to the high hardware and installation costs, businesses no longer consider IP PBX the best solution.

Hosted VoIP can help in this situation. It allows businesses to take advantage of advanced PBX features without installing hardware on-site, making hosted VoIP the most popular telephone solution.

VoIP System

VOIP phone systems


Your IP phone sends digital data to your providers, who handle call routing, call queues, and everything else in the cloud, with hosted VoIP.

Increasing numbers of call centers are switching to VOIP phone systems and reaping the benefits. Let’s look at what those advantages are right now.

Key Benefits of IP phones for call centers:

More features without extra hardware

IP phones are cost efficient 

Call centers can use IP phones to access advanced features without having to invest in additional hardware.

1.Advanced call routing

How ACR works

Call centers can control how incoming calls are handled with advanced call routing, including a greeting with a menu of options for the caller to choose from.


  • Increase customer satisfaction by directing callers to the appropriate department on the first attempt.
  • Remove the need for a receptionist to route calls to the right department or agent.


  • Business, location, and after-hours schedules are used to determine which routes to call.
  • A web-based user interface allows you to manage call routing and make changes.
  • Create employee groups to receive calls routed from specific numbers based on the time and volume of calls received.
  • Calls are routed to alternative numbers, mobile phones, or voicemail according to user-defined schedules.

2.Auto Attendant

Example of Auto-attendant menu

Without the intervention of an operator, callers can be automatically transferred to an extension using an auto-attendant.


  • Cost-saving. Auto attendants can help call centers and other businesses save money on recruitment, training, and wages.
  • Calls are handled more quickly. Callers will have their calls answered and then receive instructions from the auto attendant to route them to the appropriate department.
  • Auto attendants handle calls easily and effectively 24/7, which means that customers have their needs addressed promptly and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Consistently excellent service. The auto-attendant consistently provides the same high-quality service.
  1. Call queues

Call queues

Your agents can handle incoming calls and place them in queues using call queues. Callers are subjected to on-hold music or announcements until the next available agent can take their call.


  • Wait time is reduced 
  • Ensures that your agents’ workloads are distributed evenly.
  • Agents are less likely to miss calls when using this feature.
  • Reduce costs by reducing the number of callers on hold.
  • Reduce the amount of pressure and stress that agents are under.
  1. Call Pop

Call pop

Call Pop shows contact and account information, such as account value, customer experience score, sentiment from the last interaction, and survey score. Call Pop provides call centers with insight into the customer journey by centralizing data and displaying a 360-degree view of the data, including the customer’s journey, customer satisfaction, and more.

This aids call centers in customizing each call.


  • By resolving the customer’s issue in less time, the call length was reduced.
  • The customer experience has improved. Customers are no longer required to provide account information every time they are transferred to a different agent.
  1. Call Recordings

Call recordings

With call recording, a customer’s conversation with an agent is recorded and can be stored, retrieved, and evaluated.


  • Quality control. The supervisor can listen in on an agent’s interaction with a customer and identify key areas where the agent needs to improve. This will aid in the agent’s training, allowing them to improve their communication skills while also increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Training in sales. The data and information gathered during the recorded calls can provide effective sales training to the participants.



Businesses can use a touch-tone keypad to interact with prospects and customers using Interactive Voice Response. IVR is used to answer questions from callers, conduct surveys, run promotions, raise brand awareness, and more.


  • Using custom-built menus, the IVR system accurately routes callers, schedules callbacks, and expedites incoming calls.
  • Reduce costs by quickly resolving issues.
  • Increase lead conversions by automating the process of contacting potential customers. Prospects are routed to live agents to seal the deal after responding to a few simple quotations.

Easy integration 

Easy integration 

Integrating voice communications with your CRM and other business tools is a breeze with IP phones. Call centers can save money by using IP phones to centralize data and provide consistent customer service across multiple channels such as social media, texts, voice, instant messaging, and more.

Customizable and flexible

Customizable and flexible 

Call centers can customize and enjoy flexible options with IP phones, depending on their needs. Agents can work from any location with an internet connection because the calls are routed over the internet. On-hold music and messages, as well as multilingual and self-service menus, can all be customized.

Improve efficiency with monitoring and reporting tools

Reporting and monitoring tools

With IP Phones, call centers can customize their dashboard that can display employee-centric figures such as:

  • Call times
  • Average time to answer
  • Availability
  • Missed call percentages
  • And more

Digium IP Phones

Digium IP phones

Digium Switchvox is a user-friendly, easy-to-manage IP PBX that provides businesses with cost-effective unified communication solutions.


  • Flexible and scalable, allowing for simple remote collaboration from any device, from any location.
  • Customer service and productivity have improved. Integrate phone functions with business applications using IP PBX. For example, when you receive a call, the system can automatically bring up the caller’s customer record.
  • Cost-effective. Because your call is accessed via the internet, you don’t have to mention the per-minute price of calls when using IP phones.
  • There’s a backup system built-in. During outages, IP phones will redirect calls according to pre-programmed routing plans.

IP phones are critical for any call center because they make it easier to integrate existing technologies, allow agents to work from anywhere with internet access, and improve customer satisfaction. When call centers use IP phones, they get highly productive employees while saving a lot of money.

Contact Free AAVAZ PBX for one of the best call center software you need for your call center to reach its full potential by getting a VoIP phone system.

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