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Top Uses of Submersible Stirrers in The Laboratory

Scientific laboratories require a great number of products to work efficiently. Some products, such as those that prevent contamination, are not used daily, but they still need to be available in the lab when needed. Others like stirrers and shakers are essential tools required by all scientists across disciplines and must be arranged for. The submersible stirrer has become very popular in recent years of the wide variety of lab equipment available. They are often more powerful than their magnetic counterparts, but this power comes at a price—they are more complicated to use and maintain. This article explores four uses of submersible stirrers that make them essential to the modern laboratory.

1. Homogenization in Chemistry and Biology Lab Preparations

Homogenization is the process of breaking up solids by forcing them through a narrow space at high pressure. You can do it manually with mortar and pestle, but it’s better to use an electric homogenizer or mixer when large amounts are required. Submersible mixers are the perfect tools for the job, as they can be submerged in any vessel.

2. Dispersing Tiny Particles in Suspensions

Particles suspended in solution need to be evenly distributed and thoroughly mixed to create a uniform suspension. This is often done by mechanical shakers that use suction or centrifugal force to mix fluids. However, these methods are not very efficient in mixing viscous liquids or large quantities of suspensions. Submersible stirrers can do the job just as well, and they are much more versatile than other mechanical shakers.

3. Maintaining A Constant Temperature in Chemistry Experiments

Chemical reactions are very sensitive to temperature; even a few degrees can harm the outcome. It is therefore important for chemists to maintain stable temperatures when conducting experiments. The submersible stirrer is particularly useful in this application because it offers infinite control over mixing speed, contributing to precise temperature regulation.

4. Mixing Chemicals in Serological Pipettes

Serological pipettes are narrow tubes with an opening at one end through which a reagent is drawn by negative pressure, either for micro pipetting or injection. The other end has a round opening for expelling the fluid after being used. Two chambers must be connected by a long thin tube to draw up fluids using this method. Even the smallest amounts of liquid are drawn up with precision. To mix the chemicals inside the serological pipette, an airtight seal around the opening is important—submersible stirrers make perfect seals. They can easily be clamped onto any size or shape vessel.

Submersible mixers have many applications in the laboratory, some better suited to certain tasks than others. They are popular because they are easily available and affordable while exceptionally useful. mihalıççık escort

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