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Title: A Complete Guide To Rx Safety Glasses

It can be very difficult to predict what is going to happen next in life. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to protect yourself from potential harm. Whether you’re someone who works in a field like construction or you engage in intense physical workouts on the football field, you absolutely need to think about what gear you are wearing. If you want to keep your face shielded from flying elbows, sudden impacts, and a variety of other hazards, you need to look at your options regarding protective Rx safety glasses.

Picking out protective eyewear is not a decision you should make on the fly. Selecting an inferior pair of glasses will not only waste your money, it will dramatically increase the odds of a simple accident becoming a major health concern. Consult with this guide and you can gain more perspective on what makes for a quality pair of safety glasses and how to go about selecting a pair that helps to increase your feelings of preparedness.

The Importance of Staying Safe

Though the human eye is quite impressive in most regards, it still is vulnerable to a vast array of dangers. In fact, statistics released over the years related to accident workplaces pointed out that a huge chunk of the eye-related accidents that occur on a job site could have been avoided or the impact lessened had the victim worn the correct protective gear. This same mentality can be applied to any environment where a blow to the head or exposure to harmful irritants could occur.
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Another interesting bit of data to be released is that almost half of the head injuries that happen in the United States each year are from recreational activities like riding a bike or playing sports. If you’re not shielding your eyes with protective gear when engaged in actions that could result in damage to your head, then you are taking a huge risk and gambling with your health and wellness. Thankfully, you can beat the odds and avoid becoming a statistic by learning more about how to invest in glasses that will actually keep you safe.

Figuring Out Your Specific Risks

The first step to selecting glasses for protective purposes is understanding what dangers you are most likely to encounter. Naturally, this is going to depend largely on what your routine looks like and the type of industry you work within. For example, construction workers tend to require glasses that have substantial durability in order to guarantee protection in the event of a sudden blow to the head or collision. Similarly, chemical engineers need eyewear that creates a seal that keeps irritants and vapors away from contact with the eyes.

It is very important to think about your exposures before you pick out your glasses. Failing to align your needs with your protective gear can result in purchasing eyewear that doesn’t actually help you in any substantial capacity. All you have to do to avoid disappointment is think on which hazards you could fall prey to. Whether you want to stay safe on the soccer field or ensure that your eyes are shielded from intense heat, there is a quality pair of glasses out there for you to discover.

Pick the Right Lenses

When picking out Rx safety glasses, it is important that you focus on the components that help to protect you. To start, you should review your options with lenses. The overall strength and design of the lenses you pick will play a pivotal part in your protection. There are a handful of materials to consider, each presenting a key set of pros and cons that you can take to heart while making your choice. Again, your daily routine and workplace conditions will dictate which material fits your needs best.

Typically, people prefer lenses made from a polycarbonate blend. These lenses are a popular choice because they are lightweight, durable, and able to be treated with a variety of different protective coatings. You might also want to consider plastic lenses if you need to save money, though these lenses are not as resistant to scratches as polycarbonate options. Glass is the least popular option, though there are people who work in fields where glass could prove beneficial. If you’re unsure of which materials make sense for your job, consult with OSHA guidelines dictating eyewear standards in your industry.

Select Appropriate Frames

While the lenses are definitely a key component to pay attention to when picking your glasses, you also want to put a bit of thought behind what material you decide for your frames. There are a number of different choices to weigh out. Again, the final choice should come down to which material is best suited for the demands of your industry on a daily routine. For many individuals, the best material to go with for frames is titanium. This is mainly due to the fact that the metal is resistant to corrosion, is lightweight in design, and is quite durable.

The sturdiness of titanium is hard to beat and is an ideal fit for anyone who lives an active or demanding lifestyle. Still, you may want to explore other options like beryllium if you want a strong and light material that is a bit less costly than titanium. Monel is another popular choice, though the mixture of metals used to make this material can sometimes trigger allergic reactions in people sensitive to nickel. Other choices for you to think about include plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and flexon.

Consider the Style

While far from the most important factor to take into consideration when you’re picking out glasses for safety purposes, style can still influence your final decision. Since you will be wearing this protective eyewear for long stretches of time and in various locations, you might feel self-conscious about how they make you look. While safety goggles were once lacking in creative styles, there are now countless options that can give you an effortless look without sacrificing any of the protective elements of the glasses.

If you’re unsure of how to pick glasses that look good on you, a good rule of thumb to follow is taking a look at the natural shape of your face. According to experts, selecting a style of glasses that are the opposite shape as your facial features can help you discover frames that complement your looks. For example, individuals who have rounded cheeks or a softer jawline will find that glasses with sharp, angular aesthetics bring out your natural features in the most striking manner.

Learn More About Safety Standards

Finally, you should always think about standards of safety before you pick out the right glasses for your protection. Look for designations by the American National Standards Institute in order to provide yourself with peace of mind in your selection. A rating of ANSI z87.1 means that the eyewear has been put through intense tests to ensure the overall quality and durability of glasses. When you need to feel confident in the protective power of your glasses, an ANSI label is all the comfort and assurance you could hope for.

When it comes to picking out the best Rx safety glasses for your lifestyle, there are several key points to think over in advance. Take time to learn more about what makes for quality protective eyewear and take a look at what Safety Gear Pro has to offer. With a little time, you’ll be ready to make the best pick for your needs.

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