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Tips to fix the Problem of Slow Laptop

Problem of Slow Laptop

Are you fed up with having to deal with the issue of poor running of your computer? you want to resolve your laptop’s slow performance? Problem of Slow Laptop.

I’d love to know the most important reason(s) for why your computer is slowing down every single day. And the strategies you can implement to speed it up.

It is true that a laptop that isn’t fast enough can cause you to view an easy task as a grueling chore and make you feel exhausted every time you do it.

There are a lot of ways you can implement to make your laptop run faster and increase its performance.

This article is intend to help you discover various way to repair your laptop’s performance and keep it from becoming slow for long period of time.

Please read and follow this article with complete concentration and then follow the process(s) following the reading. You can also visit laptop repair dubai. 

What is the reason my computer is slow?

It is crucial to understand the primary reason your computer is becoming slow every single day.

Are you aware that your operating system is responsible for managing the laptop’s resources (drive space memory, processing power, memory) within the entire set of applications operating on the laptop?

There are many factor contributing to a decrease in the laptop’s performance, but it is usually due to the laptop’s resource not being utilize efficiently.

Here are a few factors that can be at fault for slowing down your laptop

  • Very Low R.A. Access Memory (RAM)
  • In the process of running out of disk drive capacity (HDD or SSD)
  • Hard drive that is outdated or damage.
  • Too many background software programs running
  • Too many startup programs for software
  • Viruses
  • Visual effects and special effects.

If your laptop’s performance is extremely slow to run please read these steps to find out how to address these problems.

How can you improve the speed of your Laptop faster

Restart your laptop:

The first thing you need to do when you notice the laptop you’re using is slow when you work with it, is reboot it.

If you suspect that your laptop isn’t what it ought to be performing in regards to performance. try to reboot your laptop as your operating system will allocate space in RAM to various software and programs when they run on your laptop.

Thus it is likely that your Random Access Memory will definitely increase in size and will slow down your laptop when your operating system starts to utilize swap files in replacement.

The swap file is thought to be a file locate on your drive that is used by the operating system to store information that is currently used by program and software, in the event that your Random Access Memory, which is responsible for this function, is full.

If the hard drives(the ones that claim to be faster) are less efficient than RAM your laptop will slow as it begins to use this swap file.

If you close certain programs operating on your computer can help but restarting it allows the laptop to refresh in a variety of ways, too.

It ensures that all program are block from running in the background. It also makes sure that Windows update are downloaded at a reasonable time. assists in fixing bugs are affecting you such as memory leaks, which cause application to use more RAM than usual.

If you notice that applications begin to load automatically after rebooting the laptop your PC’s performance may be impacted by startup programs.

Please scroll down until you find where the your startup program is located and click on it to read more about them, and on how to prevent their effects from slowing or affecting the performance of your computer.

Clean your hard drive

The laptop’s performance could be slow when your hard drive memory is full due to the operating system doesn’t have enough space to allow your laptop to function properly.

Your OS must make use of swap files to avoid fragmentation and make temporary files.

To make sure that your laptop isn’t slow due to the capacity of your hard drive, always ensure that you have at least 500MB of disk space. Also visit laptop repair sharjah

You can check out how much space you have by opening the file, then selecting “This PC” on the right-hand side of the navigation bar. The primary drive you have will be identified as “Windows (C:); however, if you have additional drives, you’ll find out how much space they have on the display.

If you are likely to have multiple drives for your laptop ensure that each drive is at minimum 500MB or more in order to let to let the OS manage the drive’s files flawlessly.

Here are some suggestions to do a disk clean-up and enhancing speed of performance on your PC

Below are some helpful tips that you can use to tidy your computer’s disk and improve productivity of laptops.

Get rid of your trash

You must be aware that the accumulation of files can be seen inside the recycle bin, especially when you work on your laptop. So, you should decide to tidy up your recycle bin every now and then.

It can help maintain it’s efficiency on your PC. You can perform this task periodically by clicking anywhere on the screen and selecting Empty Recycle Bin and you could click on the Recycle Bin icon on its own and then empty it.

Get rid of unwanted programs on your PC:

There are some software or program that are not need and are in the background which slow down the performance of your computer. Find them out and find ways to get rid of the programs if they’re not useful for your computer.

To remove them, simply go to the control panel and click the search bar in Windows, then select “uninstall the program” in the header of the program and then remove those you would like to to free up extra space on your computer.

Clean up your Download Folders

If you’re one of the types that doesn’t tidy your download directory, then the documents downloaded from the internet will continue building up and begin to take away space from your hard disk. This will start to slow down efficiency of the laptop.

To do this, just start your file manager and select Downloads in on the Quick Access bar. Move the files you require to normal folders such as Documents and after which you can delete the rest.

Find and remove temp files:

These are believe to be file that are use by the operating system to store temporary information like file download while installing update.

As time goes by, temporary files will build and will take up a lot of storage space in your drives. It is important to know that temporary files aren’t ones you can view or find with a single click.

In reality, they’re difficult to locate, and particularly in hidden folders they are also difficult to determine what’s secure to take out.

The temporary folder of your file is accessible by closing any open program and pressing the “windows key + R”, entering %TMP%, and then clicking “OK”. The process will show an individual folder that contains the majority all temporary data on your computer. It could contain file that are being use by the software and thus should not be delete. To avoid the danger, just delete the temporary files not required by your laptop with an application called ” CCleaner.

Clear the cache and cookies on your site.

It’s about chance that you’ve been aware that cache( i.e web page save by your browser to increase speed of browsing). And cookies(i.e the data that is save on your laptop by the website that you go to) are growing as you surf the internet. If proper care isn’t taken, they could take up a significant volume of data on your hard drive. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to clear cookies from your browser.

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