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The Future of Healthcare Applications: The Pandemic and New Mobile App Development Trends

The Covid-19 pandemic was an unexpected evil that affected us negatively. There is not a single aspect of our lives that the pandemic hasn’t hampered. And, the sector that took the hardest blow is healthcare. Whether it’s helping the infected or eliminating the risk of infection in hospitals, the healthcare industry is leaving no stones unturned. And, this brings the question of the future of healthcare applications.

As a medium of helping people connect to healthcare professionals, mobile app development rose to importance. New crises create new demands, and new demands make way for innovations. Like that, healthcare mobile app development gained vast importance.

In this blog, our topic of discussion is healthcare mobile app development in the post-Covid world.

The Future of Healthcare Mobile App Development: Current Market Stats

In the post-Covid world, healthcare mobile apps brought a new revolution. It changed the way a person used to monitor their health along with getting medical attention as per necessity. Let us go to that with the recent data –

  • Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, there are around 325000 healthcare mobile apps that people are using at present
  • By the end of 2020, healthcare apps generated a revenue of $60 billion
  • 60% of the mobile phone users avail of the services of some healthcare apps
  • Fitness related applications are getting 39% more popular than before

Along with all these, there is one thing healthcare apps did well. The overall productivity in the healthcare sector increased drastically. And, through remote patient monitoring, doctors appointment, medical advice, etc, these apps save a lot of money as well.

So, this is not a trend that people are choosing because they have to. Simply, healthcare mobile app development is the way of the future too.

Healthcare Mobile App Development: Different Types of App That are Post Covid Solutions

The healthcare sector contents were subsectors. Each of them is equally important. So, when it comes to healthcare mobile app development, there are undoubtedly different types. In this section, we have mentioned the important ones that will be the future of healthcare applications.

1. Professional Healthcare App

One of the primary parts of providing health care service is knowing the patients. Some patients need more than one session. And, doctors need to keep track of their data, including medication, diseases, and progress.

Being able to jot down all the data in one place and finding them with just one click when needed can streamline the entire procedure. Professional healthcare mobile app development targets medical personnel. And, this can help them provide treatment better.

2. Clinical Communication App

In recent days, after Covid-19, going down to the hospital to visit the doctor became risky. And, due to this, many people stop going for follow-up sessions. If this continues, it can harm people in the long run.

And, the clinical communication apps are bridging the gap perfectly. With a communication app, a patient can consult with their doctors using their phones only. They can upload their reports of health conditions, discomfort, solve problems they are facing, improvements, and so on.

And, the doctors can find all their data and issues listed in one place during the consultancies. Further, as the consultancy will be over the phone, the risk of infection will be zero.

If you are going for healthcare mobile app development, you can choose this one. You can provide anyone medium of communication using which doctors and patients can have a chat.

3. Diagnostic Test Booking App

Another great option that is determining the future of healthcare applications is diagnostic test booking apps. Through these apps, one can book a test that their doctor suggested. And, they will only visit the test center or hospital at the time of the appointment.

Additionally, the users can find their reports later on through these apps. Therefore, they don’t have to go down to the hospital too many times or wait long to get their reports.

4. Medicine Delivery App

When a person receives the treatment, they need medication. The Covid-19 pandemic made it hard for people to go down to drug stores to get their medicines. Also, we noticed a shortage of inulins, vitamins, and some other medicines.

And, in such a scenario, medicine delivery apps become the savior. Thus, these will have their mark on the future of healthcare applications.

5. Nutritional Guidance App

At present, staying fit is the healthy choice a person can make. So, when someone decides to go on a diet they need the help of a nutritionist to do it properly. Nutritional guidance mobile app development gained a huge user base in the last two years.

These apps help people count their daily calorie intake, suggest to them what to eat daily, and such. And, some of these apps help people connect to a nutritionist as well.

6. Mental Health Counseling App

The recent events of Covid-19 not just took a toll on people’s physical condition but on their mental health too. And, people are seeking mental health counseling to deal with the uncertainty, fear, stress, personal loss, etc.

As a result, mental health counseling apps emerged as an important tool of survival. These applications help people communicate with a licensed mental health practitioner. One can schedule their therapy sessions, track their progress, and talk to a professional when things get too hard to bear.

And, if this is not the future of healthcare applications then what is.

7. Health Condition Monitoring App

Diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, anemia, seizure, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and such are not very uncommon at present. People with such health conditions need to monitor their vitals daily.

A mobile app where they can keep their data regarding their health condition is the option more people are choosing. These apps can track the health progress of a person and notifies them if it gets alarming. It further suggests to the users when to consult a doctor.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends in Post-Covid World

To be honest, Covid-19 changed our way of life. Digital is no longer the future. It is the present. And, we need to be accustomed to it to survive. Healthcare mobile app development saved thousands of lives. This is, moreover, something that will always be important.

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