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Spotify Premium APK – How to get Spotify for free

Are you one of those who hate advertising on Spotify? Do you want to stop paying for this app? We know how addictive this music streaming platform is. That’s why here you will know the best tricks on how to have Spotify Premium without paying.

To access Spotify content without worrying about ads, you have to subscribe to its paid version.

There is a detail, and that is that Spotify has a Premium format, with which you can download thousands of songs, in addition to affiliating your account to various mobile devices.

In addition, the Premium version has several formats, such as basic or individual, Duo, Family, or Student. In this way, the app has adapted to the needs of its users.

how to get Spotify Premium without paying

How to get Spotify Premium without paying? Surely you are asking yourself this question, and since we want to help you enjoy the music and podcasts on Spotify that you like to the fullest, today you will learn how to become Premium on Spotify for free.

Finding out how to get Spotify Premium without paying

Spotify is available for almost any mobile device. The app can be downloaded on Android, iOS, Windows, and even on PlayStation. Sure, the steps to use Spotify Premium without paying can vary depending on the operating system.

The free version of Spotify gives you few options for use, while in the Premium version you can skip songs, listen to your favorite albums even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, and have a higher quality audio service. But above all, you can get rid of annoying advertisements.

In Spotify Premium the platform comes to life, while in its free format, it is just a playlist like any other.

Likewise, many artists only allow their music to be played if it is paid for, so their songs do not appear in the basic Spotify.

Knowing this, we better advance the movie to the part that interests us, get a couple of tricks up our sleeve that will tell you how to download Spotify Premium without paying.

How to create a Premium account on Spotify without paying a penny

Do you want to know how to listen to Spotify Premium without paying, and not have to sacrifice your budget? You have come to the right place, so pay attention to these simple tips.

With them, you can access your favorite music and podcasts on Spotify, without having to shed a tear on your pocket.

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1. Find a Spotify APlink

To discover how to use Spotify Premium without paying, you have to avoid the regulations of the original platform. To do this, look for a link that will take you to a Spotify Premium Free APK version of the app.

This means that you must find a compressed executable format that saves the application codes, without being directly linked to them.

If you don’t take this step, you won’t be able to solve the mystery of how to get Spotify Premium without paying .

2. Uninstall and install Spotify on your device

If you already have Spotify on your computer or mobile device, delete it. This is very important since to use Spotify Premium without paying, you have to start from scratch. After you have removed it, install it again with the APK link of the app.

how to get Spotify Premium without paying

3. Create a user and register with an email other than the one you used before

As we are starting from scratch, do not link your account to any other social network. Instead, log in with a newly created user, and use an email address other than the one you use as your primary one.

Also, remember that to use any version of Spotify, you have to be of legal age. In this way, we are already progressing to using Spotify Premium without paying anything.

4. Activate the Spotify app on your device

After completing the steps above, you can start using your free Spotify Premium account.

Remember that this version has to be in APK format, otherwise, the Spotify platform will detect that you are using its Premium system without affiliation, and it could suspend your profile.

Do you want to install Spotify Premium for free for Android?

In the case of mobiles that work with the Android operating system, the pirate Spotify tutorial that we mentioned above will work perfectly. Despite this, you have to keep a couple of things in mind:

  1. The links that lead to the APK formats are usually shared between users.
  2. It’s common for multiple people to use the same link, which can lead to security issues.
how to get Spotify Premium without paying

So, if your goal is to have Spotify Premium without paying for Android, and not ruin your mobile in the process, you should find the link that takes you to the APK format on a trusted site. Otherwise, the virus links could damage your device.

Luckily, this is the one thing you should be careful about when you need to install Spotify Premium for free on your Android device. The rest of the steps is the same as we explained, and before you know it, you will be enjoying the unlimited content of this streaming platform.

Spotify Premium is free for iPhone, the other side of the coin

The iOS operating system of iPhone devices can be very different from that of Android, and the case of Spotify is no exception. However, the first step of how to put Spotify Premium without paying is always the same. You have to uninstall the app and remove it from your terminal.

how to get Spotify Premium without paying

Then, you must look for an additional app that houses the links to the APK version of Spotify. Once you have the link, accept the download option and wait for it to be installed on your device.

When it is already installed, the application will not start working immediately, as in the case of Android. Instead, you will have to go to the settings area and open the option “Sections and Devices”.

This tool will open the “confirm” tab, where you must allow Spotify Premium to run on your iPhone .

After doing this, you can close settings and open the app. At this point, the streaming platform should work without problems.

On iPhones, it may happen that the applications downloaded with APK do not show the original name of the app but a pseudonym. Don’t worry, if the link you used is trustworthy, your mobile is safe and you won’t have to worry about how to download Spotify Premium for free.

Can you have Spotify Premium without paying for a PC?

If your PC is up to date and uses Windows 10, then the answer to how to get Spotify Premium for free without paying anything begins in the “Settings” section. There you will have to go to the Applications folder and uninstall the app if you already have it.

This is done because on some computers running Windows 10, the application is pre-installed .

Now, if you like vintage things and your PC works with other versions of Windows, you can skip this step, since the app is not in the system unless you have previously downloaded it.

This action will leave us at the same starting point, a PC without Spotify. The rest of the tour will be quite familiar since you will also have to find an APK link and download it.

Quickly, you will notice a subtle difference, and that is that after you save the link file, it will appear on the desktop as a folder. To run it, you have to open the folder, select the file and you will soon be on the Spotify home page.

how to get Spotify Premium without paying

As you are running Spotify for PC, you will be able to disable the app updates. In this way, the platform will be ready to work every time you turn on the PC and will not show the update announcements while you are working.

Similarly, if the application is updated, it will lose its APK file characteristics, and you will not be able to use the account that you created through the link again. In this particular case, it restricts + updates.

Likewise, it is best to open a new account, even if you have previously had Spotify on your PC, to avoid unexpected crashes or closings. Otherwise, the app will work without a problem.

Conclusions on how to have Spotify Premium without paying anything

If something characterizes modernity, it is trends, and lagging behind means going out of style immediately. Spotify is the cutting-edge app that every music lover should have.

Certainly, there are few obstacles that can come between you and your dream Spotify account. However, for every stumble, there is a solution, and you already know everything you have to do so that you stop wondering how to be Premium on Spotify without paying, and start enjoying its advantages.

It doesn’t matter if you use Spotify for iPhone, Android, or PC, they all have a method that will tell you how to go Premium on Spotify without paying and without any subscription.

Finally, our advice is that you leave behind the doubt of how to have Spotify Premium without paying, put into practice our simple tips, and thus you will be part of the trend.

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