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Should you Shake up Your Marketing Strategy

One of the key factors that companies consider when planning their marketing budget is their ideal target customer. Currently, there is a focus on marketing via social media and other online funnels that appeal to younger generations.  However, according to many market sources, Gen X, also known as the forgotten generation, is currently the generation with the most commercial spending power and Boomers still make up a good part of the client base for many companies.  It is important to understand Çanakkale Escort which marketing techniques appeal to these older age groups.

No matter how new and shiny electronic marketing methods may seem, there is still value in maintaining communication methods with which older generations are comfortable. An example of this is Japanese train stations, which use a combination of new and old technologies. These stations use cutting-edge technology to distribute and process ticket fares.  However, there are also manned information kiosks and areas where people can ask questions or obtain assistance.  By catering to the future, while taking care of the past, these train stations reach a level of superior customer service rarely seen elsewhere.

The same theory applies to marketing.  Although it is true that it is important to stay on-trend, using traditional means to gain attention, such as a laminated mailer or poster can help your company to stand out. People now receive less mail and live in a world that is over-saturated with Facebook ads and email lists. Not to say there isn’t a business case for those as well, but when everyone is jumping on the next SEO trend, or newest marketing tool, returning to the basics can be a way to make an impression. Everyone has their own online preferences and often the ads they are shown will be based on those preferences.  A clever mailer can circumvent algorithms, reach new clients directly, and make more people aware of your website, product, or services.

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