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Secure Video Conferencing : A Detailed Guide

If The world is turning digital at a very fast pace. Video Conferencing allows multiple individuals to connect with each other from anywhere and at any point of time. This is the reason why most businesses are looking forward to building video conferencing apps to make their virtual workflow set up stronger.

Video conferencing SDK for businesses highly secured to prevent relevant data loss. In this article, we are going to discuss secure online video conferencing. Stay with us and keep reading! 

Meaning of secure video conferencing – Who all need it? 

We all know that the popularity of video conferencing surged during the pandemic when all businesses shifted to a remote setup. Data security and privacy became one of the major concerns while exchanging valuable files during video conferencing or almost any type of virtual communication. 

Secure Video Conferencing Solution

Now, secure online video conferencing can be defined so both in terms of the type of product and a way of managing a business that is dependent on video calling and conferencing technologies. In simple words, secure video conferencing solutions for businesses can be defined as the top-notch practices that businesses should follow to maintain online security in the business system. 
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Do you know as per a Statista study, the global average cost of data breach amounted to 4.24 million US dollars in 2021? But a secure video conferencing solution makes sure that all relevant data, meetings, and networks are secured from data breaches or malicious cyber hacking. 

What kind of businesses need secure video conferencing

Well, all kinds of businesses that depend on video conferencing to conduct their virtual discussions and meetings require secure video conferencing. The work-from-home culture is the main reason behind the sudden popularity of secure video conferencing. Some of the most popular industries that benefit from video conferencing solutions are education, healthcare, e-commerce, and several others. 

7 steps to secure an online video conference system for business

Are you a business looking forward to making your video conferencing practices more secure and protected? Well, that is absolutely awesome! Because we are here to help! In this article, we shall discuss how to make a way for secure video conferencing for business. Read on. 

  • Ensure that your API is secure

The first step to establishing a protected video conferencing setup is to choose the right video conferencing solution for your business. Because, This is highly essential as any kind of negligence can lead to the major exposure of your business data and the personal data of your team and colleagues. Moreover, once you fall prey to a data breach, it will negatively impact your brand reputation. So, You will be recognized as a company associated with a data breach.
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If you are a medium or large-scale business, an efficient and secure video conferencing solution is all the more important for you. When choosing online video conferencing solutions for yourself, make sure to assess your preferred solution carefully. Try to understand how the users and moderators log in, the quality of encryption, data management system, and other relevant details.

  • Single sign-in credentials and stronger password

Creating a strong online password is highly essential for secure video conferencing. Make sure to leverage a top-quality business video conferencing software that uses a minimum 128-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) to secure and protect video conferencing.

Another safety measure would be to carry out a single sign-on or SSO. It connects a user’s authentication to one single set of credentials and permission. This is extremely helpful for IT departments as it helps them manage and track access to video conferencing.

  • Make sure that your video conferencing SDK follows a domain-based approach

Domain-based security model, often abbreviated as DBSy, helps analyze information security risk in a business. It tends to implement control on information sharing. With a domain-based approach, video conference participants can collaborate in a secure, controlled, and protected environment. Not only this, a domain-based approach has other benefits too. However, the video conference system administrator is able to utilize different levels of user permissions to control access to the system and network. This is a functionality that makes sure that the right people get the required access.

  • Leverage the ‘waiting room’ feature

The waiting room is a must-have feature that you should use to secure your video conferencing. With this, you can control who all can participate in the video conference. The waiting room functionality protects you from hackers and data breaches.

  • Make sure that your links are secure

Many times, video conferencing links are misused by cyber hackers and data breaches. Hence, it becomes highly essential to ensure that all the links shared are secured. Whenever you receive links from other participants, you need to make sure that you check them thoroughly. Check if the link is from a trusted source and does not have any suspicious texts or extensions. Unusual long links should be ignored. You can keep your notification button on to make sure that no unwanted participant joins the video conferencing meet. You will be notified as soon as someone tries to do that. Because,This way, you can protect your professional data from unwanted third-parties and cyber criminals.

  • Keep updating your online video conferencing platform

It is essential to keep updating your video conferencing software solution. Download the latest version of your software to safeguard your data privacy. Therefore, It is a well-known fact that most of the data breaches are due to negligence’s like certificate expiry and others. Hence, it is indispensable to run regular updates.

  • Make sure to have a security policy for video conferencing

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This is also one of the main factors to note while planning to secure your video conferencing practices. Because, Make sure to have a recognized security policy or guideline for your video conferencing solution that all tech team members and even non-tech users can follow. So Be specific about the kind or number of people who should have access to your video conferencing app. Conduct training sessions for your employees to practice secured video conferencing sessions. In addition, Education on maintaining security protocols is a must within organizations.

Top-performing Secure video conferencing API 

MirrorFly is a top-notch video conferencing API that provides you with a suite of comprehensive video conferencing features. It is a self-hosted audio, video & web conferencing solution. Also It allows you to create public or private groups to hold real-time conversations to bring the users closer into one centralized channel. Also, it enables you to make conference or carrier calls to multiple users beyond the geographical area from your voice calling app or desktop. So MirrorFly has everything you need with enterprise-based security protocols like GDPR, HIPAA compliance, and others to meet every business requirement. 

Let’s discuss some of the best video conferencing features offered by MirrorFly: 

  • On-Cloud/on-Premises infrastructure 

All data is protected by a robust security infrastructure, so in addition that is equipped with AES 256. 

  • End-to-end encryption 

All data exchanged is end-to-end encrypted and safeguarded against uninvited guests and tamperings. 

  • Collaboration tools 

MirrorFly tends to boost collaborations with new-age video conferencing functionalities like secured screen sharing, real-time messaging, and whiteboard. In addition, It provides you with AES-256 and customizable 512-bit to safeguard video calls, file sharing.

  • Multi-platform support

The best part about the MirrorFly video conferencing solution is that it supports Android, iOS, web, smart TVs, and others. 

  • Best video conferencing functionalities 

Some of the best features provided by MirrorFly are private video calls, interactive live broadcasting, conference management, conferencing scheduling, real-time messaging, and video conference recording. 
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MirrorFly is trusted by various kinds of industries such as legal & govt entities, digital healthcare, distance learning, manufacturing, human resource, and many others. So, therefore if you want a video conferencing API that is completely secure and can provide you with all the modern features and functionalities, Therefore, MirrorFly can be your go-to option. 


We hope our article helped you understand all the details concerning secure video conferencing. In today’s virtual age, security should be one of your top priorities. Because, it is delay no more! Implement all the essential security points that we have discussed in this article into your business communication system. We wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

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