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Rule The Online Dating World By Launching A Tinder Clone

Tinder Clone

September 2012 witnessed the birth of a revolutionary dating app. It was none other than Tinder. The American platform brought out this concept of geo-social networking through swiping and matching. Almost 9 years into the market, its android app has more than 100 million downloads. The powerful combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and Internet penetration has forced people to find love online. With more emphasis on virtual relationships, entrepreneurs can also disrupt the market. They can launch a customized Tinder clone app and make rapid progress in the tech era. 

The revenue streams of the Tinder-like dating app solution are, 

  • Tinder Plus – It is packed with premium features. Users can explore functionalities like the flexible setting of domestic and international locations, hiding advertisements, along with unlimited likes and rewinds. 
  • Tinder Gold – Techpreneurs can pocket more revenue by introducing the Tinder Gold subscription plan. It contains extra features than the Plus dating package. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Avrupa Yakası Yeni Lolita Escort Eylül | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. Members can utilize options like Super Likes for a certain period, free boost, see who likes you, and new top picks. These features kindle the excitement of users and also ensures transparency.
  • Tinder Platinum – Wish to maximize your market share? Captivate a huge number of users with several functionalities. The Tinder Platinum plan is an edge above the Plus and Gold dating packages. Users will get an unforgettable experience by utilizing functionalities like messages prior to matching, prioritized likes, and access to sent likes in the past 1 week. 

Decoding the features of the Tinder-like online dating app solution

Boost – Want your target audience to get more popularity? Yes, it is possible. Premium members can get more visibility in their geographical region. They will be shown as the top profile in their region for a certain duration. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Avrupa Yakası Otellerde Görüşen Escort Beren | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. This will increase their chances of getting a match. This is because the number of swipes and views will increase gradually. 

Live Chat option – Found a match? Interact with him/her right away!. Tinder clone comes with a real-time chat facility. Users can share emojis, GIFs, short texts, and make voice and video calls with others. 

Match Settings – Members can alter their matchmaking settings based on the distance in kilometers and miles, gender, and location. 

Swipe Left or Right – Users can choose to swipe either left or right after seeing a person. They can tap left to reject their profile and right if they like them. Additionally, members can check out their age, location, name, photos, personal and professional background.   

Verified Badges – Credibility is the biggest strength of a dating platform similar to Tinder. Users can automatically verify their profiles. They will get colored checkmarks. This guarantees that their photos and videos are genuine. Accordingly, potential matches will experience more safety. 

Fill Bio – 21st-century citizens want to “Match, Chat, and Meet” swiftly. Tinder allows them to do so via the Fill Bio facility. Users can include details about their job title, interests, organization, passions, photos and videos.

Preferred Languages – Local, domestic, and international dating! Tinder allows users to add and remove their languages as per their location and preferences.  escort güzelbahçe

24×7 technical assistance – Aiming to enhance the retention rate of your dating application? Yes, it is possible! Users can solve problems concerning account management, confidentiality, privacy, processing of transactions, renewal of subscription plans, and security. 

Know the process to develop an online dating app solution

Conducting a private meeting with entrepreneurs – Techpreneurs will reveal their business objectives with an app creation enterprise. They will share a detailed roadmap and operational scope of their dating app. 

Analyzing the current market conditions – The dating trends are changing rapidly post the Covid-19 pandemic. 2021 will see new tendencies like apocalyptic, astrolove, long-distance relationships, and masquerading. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Avrupa Yakası Rezidanslarda Görüşen Escort | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. Accordingly, a dating platform similar to Tinder will incorporate these game-changing features. 

Finalizing the business model – Apart from subscription plans, Tinder also offers more revenue streams for entrepreneurs. They can build their wealth by publishing advertisements for numerous brands. A freemium model is apt to operate an app like Tinder. It will help digipreneurs pocket more revenue for offering premium features to users. 

Creating the user interface (UI) – A friendly user interface is designed for a Tinder-like dating platform. Made with advanced frameworks and programming languages, it is suitable for all age groups across borders. 

Developing the prototype of the Tinder clone – All the basic features are added to the prototype of a dating app like Tinder. It contains the functionalities like a chat option, location-based matching, push notifications, and social media integration. 

Testing the functioning of the dating app – Extensive testing is done to remove bugs and vulnerabilities from the Tinder-like matchmaking platform. This ensures a glitch-free experience. 

Launching the final version of the geosocial network –  Finally, after rigorous front-end and back-end development, a dating platform identical to Tinder is released in the market. 

Analysis: Is virtual currency the future of dating?

Unquestionably, there is active discussion about cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Tinder has also joined this phenomenon. The California-based platform has launched an in-app currency in Australia recently. It will roll out in Asia soon. 


It plans to attract users through digital coins. This will help the American dating giant to boost the time spent by members in scrolling and swiping. Moreover, Tinder aims to convert non-subscribers to premium users. This would be done by motivating them to make one-time purchases.

Later, cyber surfers can buy Super Likes and Boosts with these digital coins. They will benefit from an immersive dating experience. 

Wrapping Up

With a rise in smartphone usage, users are willing to pay for using premium features of dating apps. “Start Something Epic” has been the motto of Tinder since its emergence around a decade ago. Entrepreneurs can take charge of the tech world now. They can approach an app development company and get a platform homogenous to Tinder. 

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