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Read OST files without Exchange Server?

Is your Exchange OST file corrupted? And you are looking for OST file access without Exchange. We will examine the best approaches to read OST files Without Exchange Server.

The OST file is an Outlook offline data file that contains a duplicate of the things stored on MS Outlook’s Exchange server. On his framework, the client has a copy of the mailbox files. However, Outlook users will encounter the issue of being unable to access OST files without an Exchange account. Thus, in this post, we will discuss the most effective strategies for resolving this problem.

If you’re seeking a quick way to open an OST file without outlook, stay with this blog till the end.

Reasons why users cannot Read OST files without an Exchange account?

When a client is paired with Exchange Server using Cached Exchange Mode, an Outlook Offline Folder (.ost) file is created. Similarly, you may access the OST files only if your Outlook profile is set to use an Exchange mailbox.

In any case, when an Exchange server account is deleted, the OST files become inaccessible. Additionally, if there is a synchronization problem between the Exchange server and your Outlook email client, OST files may become inaccessible.

Hardware Challenges

  1. If the disk containing the Exchange Server databases dies or has faulty sectors, the database cannot be accessed and your OST file is lost.
  2. If the Exchange server loses power or shuts down unexpectedly while accessing the database, the database may get damaged. This may result in the creation of orphaned OST files.
  3. Failures and Controller Cards: If the Exchange Server cache controller fails or malfunctions, this may result in the loss of cached data, database corruption, and orphaned OST files.

Software Challenges

  1. Accidental Deletion: If the mailbox on the Exchange server where the.ost file was produced is accidentally deleted, the .ost file is lost.
  2. Virus & Malware Attack: A virus or malware attack may corrupt and disable the Exchange Server database. This eventually results in the .ost file being unavailable and orphaned.

Manual way to Read OST file without Exchange 

Here, I’ll provide a novel and simple method for resolving such situations. You just need to rebuild the OST file, which will enable you to access the data. I am going to tell you a unique and simple method which will help you in solving such issues. You just need to recreate the OST file and this will help you access the data.

How to Manually Recreate OST Files?

To see the file, you must first download it from the server. Just follow the procedures below:

  1. To begin, close MS Outlook.
  2. Click the Control Panel.
  3. Next, choose the “Mail” option.
  4. On the page, a “Mail Setup” dialog box will display.
  5. Select “Email Accounts” from the drop-down menu.
  6. On the screen, you’ll notice a Dialog Box labeled “Account Setting.”
  7. Now choose your account from the “Data Files” menu.
  8. After that, choose the OST file and click “Open File Location.”
  9. Delete the OST file by right-clicking on it.

Note – Before removing the OST file, ensure that you have closed Account Settings and the Mail Setup Window, otherwise you may get an error.

  1. This will naturally create another OST file by downloading all the data from the Exchange server.

This will generate a new OST file automatically by downloading all the data from Exchange Server. Bear in mind that if you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010, it’s not possible to open OST file items manually.

As a result, you will be able to browse and read OST files without requiring Outlook or an Exchange server. However, these actions may be attempted only if the exchange server and Outlook account are fully synchronized.

In a Nutshell

OST (or Offline Storage Table) files give you access to mailbox data in offline mode. However, you may have trouble accessing the OST files in case of an Exchange server crash or any other difficulties. So in this blog, we have explored the approaches to read OST files without an Exchange server. The user may attempt the manual solution however in case if your OST file is inaccessible then getting the aid of an Expert solution is the finest answer. Syskare OST tool is the best tool to view and open OST files.

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