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Python: Mobile App Design Development

There are many developers that are able to create mobile apps in the Python ecosystem. This makes it easy to recognize the best experts or outstanding staff. Python also offers frameworks and libraries that let you create code in one go and use it across multiple different mobile devices (i.e., Android, iOS). This is referred to as mobile app design and development of cross-platform programming.

Cross-platform programming is an important advantage of mobile app design and development using Python. Traditionally, to create android and IOS apps, developers were required to create two distinct versions of their app based on various programming languages simultaneously.

Popular python Frameworks For Python mobile Development

Let’s look over the best Python frameworks you can make use of to develop Python development of applications.

1. Django

Django is a high-level open-source web framework written in Python programming language promotes rapid mobile app design and development that is clear and practical. It also is used to program backends similar to many other languages of programming. Django has been designed to help users move quickly from idea to finished. Additionally, the tool is focused on security and aids developers in avoiding a myriad of frequently-made security mistakes.
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Django Key Features:

  • It allows the creation of web and mobile applications with a minimum of code.
  • This tool’s documentation far surpasses that of the other tools.
  • Safe and secure

2. Pyramid: Python Mobile App Framework

It’s a tiny and quick web development framework compatible with Python 2 and 3, created to assist you in creating online applications quickly. It also gives you the basic technologies needed for almost all web-based applications: URL mapping for code and static asset service and security. Pyramid is also a proponent of the standard cross-platform python frameworks with virtual environment, packaging tools, logging and other features.

Pyramid Key Features:

  • Allows to create URLs to allow updates.
  • URLs for the static resource are generated.
  • Traversal and routes are provided

3. BeeWare Python Mobile Apps Framework

BeeWare is a collection of tools and libraries used to create and deliver native Python applications for mobile app design and development. The toolset and the library designed to help developers develop the cross-platform native GUI port Python applications. BeeWare also comes with toolsets like the Toga GUI toolkit, used to create OS native Python native software, as well as cross-platform UI applications. Rubicon Java is also a Python library to interact using Java libraries.

Briefcase, a program to assist in packaging Python applications into distributable objects delivered to users. Additionally, it possible to build pre-compiled Python binaries utilized on systems that do not have official Python installers that aren’t readily available. Rubicon Obj C described as a Python-based library application to work using Objective C libraries on macOS and iOS.

4. CherryPy

CherryPy is an open-source platform that can incorporate its multi-strung servers. There is massive popularity for this framework. It comes with features like an installation framework, a thread-pooled internet server as well as the module framework.

Also, the framework doesn’t need you to use any ORM or template engine. It lets developers of mobile app design and development to use various templating and data access tools. In the end, creating an android and IOS app using Python to run on mobile phones has become a common option for developers.

The Key Features of CherryPy:

  • It’s easy to manage multiple HTTP servers.
  • A robust system for configuration
  • Flexible plugin system and used for a variety of purposes.
  • Profiling as well as coverage tests, and profiling are part of the package.

5. Kivy

It is an open-source. Python programming language and software library to allow rapid application creation, which makes use of cutting-edge UI like multi-touch apps. Whereas, GPU-accelerated and multi-platform and suitable for use by corporate users. The framework is dependent on several Python libraries, such as PIL, GStreamer, Cairo and others.

Kivy Key Features:

  • Code that is easier to understand and has a shorter syntax
  • The creation of widgets is easy.
  • Multi-touch user controls are possible.
  • It also includes a user’s native UI toolkit for native applications.
  • Also, its a Python library, and GUI framework, which is open source

6. Flask

The Python framework also known as a microframework, built around Werkzeug as well as Jinja 2. Flask is, like other frameworks doesn’t require libraries and tools due to its built-in support of unit testing as well as restful request dispatching and more. Moreover, Flask considered the better option for smaller projects over Django, used in large-scale projects.

The Key Characteristics of Flask:

  • A built-in speedier development server and a fast debugger.
  • Unit testing support included.
  • A simple and modular design lets you work with a flexible web framework.


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