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Samsung S20 review.

We almost know about everything in S20 from its leaks. Samsung is bad at keeping secrets. there are now three S20. There are S20, S20+ and S20 ultra. The main attraction was the camera. The S20 ultra has 4 cameras with the main attraction is the 4th Telephoto camera. It's has a zoom of 10x optical and 10x digital combined and we get 100x zoom named "Space Zoom". Many people are wondering why will you ever need 100x zoom but its good to have options. To show how great their camera is they Livestream the whole show on many S20s. It was a good flex on apple.


These phones are less smartphones but more smartcamera. Ever since Apple released iPhone X the trend for better camera increases.

It actually makes sense to just improve the camera because their actually nothing else to upgrade in a phone today.

At last great phone but a little expensive.

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