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Samsung’s Galaxy Z is the best folding phone.

Samsung Unpacked 2020 was a blast. Samsun released 2 new phones Galaxy Z flip and S20. Some people didn't like the phones like the verge editor. Anyway, it was a good show. The main focus was the S20 lineup and Galaxy Z flip was a side hero

Z flip vs Razr 2019

The leaks of Galaxy flip were their way before the actual event so there was little to no surprise. The first thing after watching the release comes to mind is Motorola Razr because they were the first ones to introduce this type of form factor. Galaxy Z flip beats Motorola in every spec on paper.

Z flip specs

Z flip comes with a lot of new technology and improvements from the previous foldable Galaxy Fold. An example of that is the fibers between the hinge to protect it from dust and debris. The Razr and Flip both have two screens but they differ a lot. Flip uses a small viewfinder like screen whereas Razr has a full usable display.

Flip has a hinge that can stop at any angle where Razr can just open or close. The use of that hinge is reflected in the best in the camera app where you can take photos and videos in very extreme circumstances. You can capture a Time-lapse without a tripod.

This is the Samsung Z flip at a glance.

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