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Pablo Fold 2

A $399 dollar galaxy fold or Pablo Escobar fold 2.


You might be asking how this new company can do this thing which cannot be done by big players like Samsung. The reason is that Samsung and Apple follow a strict procedure where the phones which passed the first test are only allowed to get to the hands of the customers and then sell or recycle those failed phones which makes an overall good reputation among consumers and is good for the company itself. In this case, Pablo Escobar Mobile Inc bought failed phones and made them good and then brand it in their names and then sell. They also bought good phones from suppliers who overstocked these phones which was not selling.


Pablo Escobar Inc was a company founded in 1984 which holds assets of Pablo Escobar and they manage it. They wanted to start a new business of phones so they started selling the FOLD 1 which was a total flop but FOLD 2 is becoming great. They want to make their own phones and a FOLD 3 is planned which will completely be made up in the house.

They once said

FOLD 1 & FOLD 2 are made to just keep the company running and their future plan is to make affordable foldable phones

We are hoping to see a new contender in this game and will be see how the FOLD 3 will compete in the market.

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