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Apple might ditch Intel.

AMD is better

AMD after launching their 3rd gen ryzen lineup has destroyed the competition mainly Intel. AMD chips are now cheaper better and more compatible with other parts of the computer.

AMD stock has jumped over 100% in a year. After the introduction of AMD threadripper 3990X AMD is fighting with itself on AMD Epyc CPU.

Apple has no reason to go to intel so they will go to AMD. Right? Not quite.

You see MacOS is using Intel CPUs for a long time so to change the compatibility is not quite easy. It can take very much resources to change it which includes research, labor, teams, and a lot of time which is not worth anything if in future Intel releases a CPU better than AMD.

Why a human should care

A consumer should care because if he or she uses apple products than he might get the best products. but if you are a Windows or a Linux user that its very good as you can upgrade your PC at a very low cost.

Will Apple switch to Intel

Yes, they might as the moto of Apple to give people the best experience without seeing the price they might be working it right now and we can see it on WWDC or on its September Keynote.

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