Amazon Is Developing Hand-Scanning Technology

Amazon is reportedly developing hand-scanning technology.

The Wall Street Journal reported this past week that Inc. is developing point of sale technology that would allow customers to have their hands scanned in order to make a payment. Using the hand-scanning technology, customers would no longer need to hand over an actual card in order to pay for their merchandise purchased at brick-and-mortar locations. With the developing technology, users would be able to link their hand-print to a card prior to use. Amazon is collaborating with Visa Inc. as well as MasterCard Inc. regarding the terminals. (Source: Silicon Angle)

Why this is important for your business:

Finger prints, retina scans, embedded chips. Now hand scans. Bio-metrics are coming into the mainstream and the security advantages of these types of access methods are significantly greater than what’s been used in the past. My expectation is that your password will soon be as old fashioned as the telegram by the end of the decade, so be prepared to consider these new security changes in your business over the next few years.

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