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Health & Fitness

PECS in ABA Therapy | Everything You Need to Know

Children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a hard time communicating and socializing. Therefore, a picture exchange communications system commonly known as PECS is used to resolve problematic behavior in them. 

According to a consultant working in a center providing ABA therapy services in Chicago & Downers Grove, PECS has been proven to help individuals who have other developmental, cognitive, and physical disabilities by providing symbolic functional communication and positive behavior.

Under ABA therapy, the counselor uses various techniques and methods to reinforce communication and positive behavior in children. …

Our Chicago ABA Therapy programming bridges services between the center and the home based on each individual child. Family training and continuity of clinical planning are the cornerstones of our beliefs and vision.

The picture exchange communication system (PECS) helps children who have speech problems but are required to express themselves through nonverbal communication.  

Children are given a bunch of picture cards and asked to show them according to what they want or need. These cards have pictures of some common things that they use on a daily basis. For instance, if a child wants to eat cereal, he or she would give the card that has a cereal picture.

6 Phases of PECS in ABA Therapy

There are 6 phases of PECS, and a child needs to go through all these phases to be able to communicate. Some children will develop speech but not every child can overcome their inability to speak but they will be able to use cards to communicate somehow. Each phase will help children with a goal. So, let’s see how it can help your child.   

Phase I : The first is critical but it is also a difficult one for children. Since it is the first time they are learning to communicate, the counselors need to be patient. …

A counselor will help the child to learn how to ask for their desired items or activities from an adult. 

For instance, the teacher will show the desired object to a child, such as a book. And when they reach for the book, the teacher will help the kid pick up the picture of that article. Once they show the picture, they will be given the book. Such activity will be repeated several times until a child learns properly.

Phase II: Pictures depict different things so it might be confusing for a child to find the appropriate picture card and present it to the teacher especially when they can’t speak. So, in phase II, a teacher would emphasize practicing the same thing in different places, and with different people.

Phase III

: In phase III, the child is given more picture cards to develop recognition of other things. A child is given two or more pictures to request something.

Phase IV: As the child reaches phase IV, they will be able to speak simple sentences. These sentences may not be well pronounced but the child will be able to use cards and speak a little. 

Phase V: In response to the child’s attempt at communication, the teacher will respond by asking “what do you want?” and the learner would reply by showing a card that “I want this”.  

Phase VI: The teacher and child will engage in questions like “What is it?” and “What do you see?” “It is and then will show the card picture” or “I see and then show the appropriate card” until kids are used to communicating this way.

Bottom Line

PECS allows children to communicate via cards because otherwise they would be confused and won’t be able to convey what they want through words. 

Our innovative and proprietary programming allows kids and families to benefit from infused strategies across disciplines, true team collaboration, improved continuity of care, and greater convenience. Our Chicago and Downers Grove ABA Therapy programming bridges services. Between the center and the home-based on each individual child. Family training and continuity of clinical planning are the cornerstones of our beliefs and vision…

Our Occupational, Physical,  Speech and Language Therapists in Chicago and Downers Grove look forward to working with your family!

The PECS is not limited to children only but helps individuals of all ages to communicate their needs, wants, information and develop social norms and skills to maintain relationships. However, this may limit to only those who can communicate…………

Muhamamd jawad

Muhammad Jawad is a digital marketing and SEO Expert working for multiple organizations to boost their business and online presence.

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