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NextGen EHR & How It Can Help With Your Finances

NextGen healthcare was started in 1974 as a dental software company. Back then, it was known as Quality Systems Inc. After more than 40 years in the field and a handful of mergers and acquisitions later, we got NextGen systems as we know them today. However, the name NextGen Healthcare Systems was formalized in 1997.

Despite the mergers and acquisitions, its objectives have remained very clear and unchanged. As the name suggests, NextGen healthcare wishes to partner with healthcare providers to help them provide better care, save time and improve their bottom line through ‘nextgen’  techniques.

How they manage to achieve this is pretty straightforward, actually. By simply using an EHR system, physicians save time and cost in billing and administrative tasks. They can then utilize this time to provide better care to patients. The ‘nextgen’ bit comes in the form of data utilization. NextGen healthcare systems will provide users meaningful insights regarding patients and demographics, pointing out revenue leakages and streamlining communication.

About NextGen EMR

It’s not just me saying this; reviews left by NextGen users back this up, and NextGen publicly put down in black and white that “We enable clinicians to be more productive and engaged. We are devoted to driving predictable financial outcomes and ensure frictionless interoperability to promote more seamless information exchanges. By providing insights to identify gaps and manage risks, we strive to better coordinate care.”

With that said, in order to determine whether it’s feasible for you to shift to NextGen EHR, you’ll need to know about the features that it offers, and pricing is also a significant concern. Moreover, industry awards, reviews, and the availability of demos need to be glanced over as well. After all, who wants an EHR solution unrecognized by the industry, terribly reviewed, and with insufficient demos.

Luckily for you, that’s precisely what this post will discuss, with a particular emphasis on how NextGen Healthcare can improve your bottom line.

NextGen Features

At this point, it’s safe to say that NextGen EHR does come equipped with nextgen features. It comes with all the bells and whistles that are expected from a modern EHR solution. Mobile compatibility, a patient portal, appointment scheduling, and reminders, medical billing services, and a dedicated clearinghouse, e-prescribing, and much more. Instead of tediously going over each feature one by one, it would be easier to group them together.

NextGen Clinical Care

NextGen Healthcare can help you improve the quality and efficiency of care that you provide by;

  • Eliminating after-hours documentation dictation and mobile solutions
  • Promoting employee retention by alleviating administrative tasks
  • Boosting productivity through a streamlined (might I add, customizable) workflow
  • Providing specialty-specific content integrated directly into your workflow
  • Adopting new care delivery models
  • Utilizing work log managers through the deployment of a rules engine that automates tasks
  • Tailoring your solution to enterprise growth
  • Delivering a caregiver network

2. Financial Management

This management encompasses all operations that efficiently capture income at the lowest possible cost, in addition to invoicing and collections. Financial management solutions assist your practice in improving performance, increasing revenue, correcting operational inefficiencies, and elevating outcomes throughout the complete revenue cycle. If you pick NextGen Healthcare, you’ll benefit from the assistance of a team of practice management specialists who provide full-service, scalable, end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. Critical financial management capabilities include

  • Eligibility and pre-service financial clearance
  • Rules-based charge creation
  • Clean claims and A/R management
  • Contract audit and recovery

3. NextGen Patient Engagement

Consumerism, patient expectations, and COVID-19 have all altered the landscape of patient involvement. An online patient experience platform satisfies these requirements in a secure, convenient, and seamless manner.

NextGens’ patient engagement technology enables you to give 24/7 access to treatment by combining a sophisticated patient portal, patient self-scheduling, virtual visits, and online payment options into one platform. Meet your clinical and financial objectives with a highly flexible solution that integrates with the majority of third-party EHRs and PMs.

NextGen’s patient platform manages visit scheduling, pre-visit formalities, virtual visits, post-visit activities, and billing. In addition, the patient portal comes equipped with prescription renewals, secure messaging, and health records.

4. Population Health

Population Health Management entails gathering and analyzing patient data from various sources. As a result, caregivers can enhance clinical and fiscal results by creating a single, actionable patient record. NextGen’s population health management systems offer collaborative care, allowing you to engage patients while lowering costs and improving treatment quality. In addition, their systems provide advanced population health and analytics capabilities, valuable and actionable insights from clinical, financial, and administrative data.

Key population health management capabilities offered include but are not limited to;

  • Population health analytics
  • Risk stratification and identifying gaps in care
  • Care coordination
  • Optimizing resource utilization

5. Connected health and interoperability

The capability of different information technology systems to communicate and share valuable data is referred to as interoperability. In healthcare, interoperability enables caregivers to collaborate more efficiently inside and beyond organizational boundaries. Organizations must gather and exchange information both within and outside of their networks in order to deliver the most outstanding quality of care at the lowest cost. NextGen’s integrated, interoperable solutions and services enable you to maximize the value of your existing technology for improved results and fully linked patient care.

Key interoperability features include;

  • Transactional data exchange
  • Plug and play API’s
  • Data aggregation
  • Compliance with a national interoperability framework

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NextGen Reviews and Awards

As mentioned before, features and ambition mean nothing if the EHR solution is negatively reviewed. Fortunately for NextGen healthcare, this is not the case. Most reviews are positive, and even the neutral ones don’t have many bad things to say. Negative reviews are rare, and even then, users appreciate the seamlessness of the system and smooth integration of the rich feature set within the system.

NextGen EHR wins too many awards. Some of the notable ones from this year include;

  • Top Practice Management Solution in 2021 Best in KLAS Report (11–75 providers)
  • Top Ambulatory EMR in 2021 Best in KLAS Report (11–75 providers)
  • GetApp Category Leaders in Electronic Medical Records
  • Market Leader in the Summer 2021 Medical Practice Management Customer Success Report

NextGen Pricing and Demos

As for pricing, well, all these features don’t come cheap. It’s hard to throw out ballpark numbers as prices vary drastically based on practice size and specialty, features used, and whether you require local or cloud hosting. Honestly, you’ll be better off requesting a quote from NextGen.

As for demos, there is less ambiguity as recorded demos are available readily.

Final Verdict about NextGen EHR

NextGen Healthcare Systems is impossible to say no to if you want a patient portal, analytics, population health management, and demographics. But, on the other hand, if you don’t want all of these features, even then, there aren’t many EHR solutions that work as well as NextGen. Plus, its meaningful use and HIPPA compliant.

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