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App Development CompaniesBusiness

Multi-services app development: Know how to create an on-demand app with the Gojek clone

From food to healthcare, everything is accessible online that too in a little while. A majority of the population reckon smartphones for availing themselves of the basic necessities.  As people are high on online food ordering, fund transfer, chatting, video conferencing, etc., the usage of the multi-services app has increased. This brisk increase in the dependence on smartphones has favored the on-demand services businesses to a greater extent.

In this summary, you will understand the benefits of using on-demand apps for availing of different services. Alongside, we will discuss how to come up with a perfect on-demand app development solution for your business. 

Factors that influence the reliance on the multi-services app

  • Convenience

We don’t wish to spend a major part of our time accessing services or things we want. Visiting shops to procure things has become unnecessary. Nowadays, one can order food, groceries, clothing, and a range of other needs online with sheer convenience. Simply, users can access their necessities without stepping out of their comfort zone. 

  • Accessibility


One of the chief metrics that influence people to reckon on-demand services is the ability to book the services easily. Nowadays, people from the category of millennials to gen z find it easy to select their preferred services online. Also, they are able to access online services without any external guidance. So, create an on-demand app, ensure that people of every age group find it simple to access the services.

  • Economical 

Price comparison is the chief metric before sticking with any service provider, right? We all know that on-demand services are comparatively cheaper than offline services. So, on an economical note, users will prefer booking on-demand services. Hence, they can avoid spending hefty charges for availing themselves of offline services.

  • Speed

On-demand delivery services stick around the 30 minutes delivery policy, which is not the thing in the offline services. The moment users book any service, the app shows the expected delivery time. On-demand apps guarantee the usual delivery time of 30 minutes. 

Of all, the speedy delivery is the attention-grabbing metric of on-demand apps. Hence users remain engaged with on-demand multi-services apps.

On-demand apps and their usage in different fields

  • On-demand food delivery

Food delivery businesses keep spurting in growth regardless of the effects of the pandemic. According to statistical reports, globally, the market growth of food delivery apps will increase at a rate of 7%, achieving 44 billion USD from the year 2020-2024. The food delivery marketplace is a treasure trove for investors. They can rake in profits quickly if they understand the market gap and address them exactly.

There are silver bullets that attract people to on-demand food delivery apps. They are accessibility to an extensive range of menus, frequency of discounts, swift delivery services, and simplicity in ordering items.

Recent trends that have emerged in food delivery services include safety standards, order delivery via drones that operate on smart lock/unlock systems, implementation of virtual assistant for taking orders, voice recognition in apps for providing location information to delivery personnel, etc., are the trends going in the food delivery business.

  • On-demand taxi services

Again, on-demand taxi services are an example of a rapidly growing business sector. The growth of the taxi services marketplace is expected to be $327 billion by 2026. 

Factors that contribute to the surging demand for on-demand taxi services include the increasing rate of urbanization, the cost of investing in cars, and the convenience of hailing taxis at the doorstep.

Like how people are addicted to food delivery apps for so many reasons, taxi apps do have multiple brownies for users. Users can book a type of taxi they need as per the member count, pay through online payment modes, access multiple stop points, book in advance, etc. Most of all these facilities, tracking the taxi’s location and knowing the fare before booking are the most appreciated provisions available for users through on-demand taxi apps.

  • On-demand healthcare services

Online healthcare services are increasingly available to people during this pandemic. The online healthcare services through dedicated apps are not just for people who fear stepping out of their comfort zones but also for people who couldn’t find any nearby healthcare centers. Online consultations will help save time as people don’t have to travel to the hospital and wait for their turn to consult with the doctor.

Simply, app users can book the date of appointment along with timings, and can consult with the doctor through video call. Again, for buying medicines people don’t have to approach pharmacies, as they can purchase all the prescribed medicines through the medicine delivery apps. Similar to how food delivery apps aggregate restaurants around the city, the medicine delivery apps will also aggregate pharmacies in and around the city. Hence, users can purchase medicines from any nearby pharmacies, make the payment and the delivery personnel will deliver the medicine package.

  • On-demand home services

In our busy routine, looking after household activities is difficult as we run short of time. Generally, on-demand home services are meant for helping people who don’t find spare time to maintain their household chores like repairs or any other maintenance works.

Through on-demand home services, users can avail themselves of cleaning, painting, flooring, dog walking, elderly care, babysitting, and many such activities related to the household.

Are you agog for a multi-services app business?

We have seen popular and much-needed on-demand services like food delivery, healthcare, medicine delivery, taxi, and home services. Develop a single application and you can consolidate multiple on-demand services, which will aid in gaining instant traction. For providing different services in a streamlined manner, invest in the white-label Gojek clone

You know the popularity that multi-service apps like Gojek hold. You can launch a similar multi-service app, attain popularity and an extensive user base all in a short time.

Finishing lines

In the aggressively growing on-demand marketplace, penetrating your business offerings and procuring users is difficult. However, what favors you is the demand generation for on-demand services like food delivery, grocery, etc. Consider offering highly demanding services in your multi-service app, which may change depending on the needs. So, keep a check on the market gaps and oscillating customer expectations.

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