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Most Popular Netflix Shows With Outstanding Costume Design

Outfits design is one of the essential aspects of a TV program, aside from a strong storyline, complex characters, interesting dialogue, and superb director. Characters that are well-dressed and period-appropriate keep audiences going to be back for even more, whether they know it or not. Careful dressing advances the plot, aids in the development of a character’s personality, and has a symbiotic relationship with other visual components of the show, such as the locales and colors.

In fact, a TV show’s outfits can quite often become its representation. A good case in point being Cobra Kai, where outfits like Cobra Kai Jacket were always on point. Folks come to Netflix first to view new material in the era of the internet, and the streaming giant has a variety of television series to pick from, with any of them sticking out in terms of style.


Stranger Things

Several designers worked on the costume for Netflix’s smash popular sci-fi and horror show: Kimberly Adams and Malgosia Turzanska for season 1, Kim Wilcox for season 2, and Amy Parris for season 3. The program is set in the 1980s, a period is known for its fashion, and the designers made sure the outfits were historically appropriate.

Stranger Things was a visual delight to watch because of the bright colors, psychedelic designs, pleated shorts and t-shirt combo, baggy pants (now known as mom jeans), large accessories, high-cut swimsuits, and crew socks. The show’s retro appearance and feel were accomplished by both finding old clothing and making it from start to end.


The Crown

Amy Roberts was charged with the tremendous challenge of replicating the Windsor family’s real-life outfits while adding a touch of uniqueness. The Royal family wore some extremely complicated outfits and jewelry pieces as a result of their status as royalty, and Roberts did an excellent job of translating them to the screen. Particularly with some of Diana’s most beautiful gowns.

She produced bright, unique costume clearly influenced by the Queen, Charles, Prince Philip, the Queen Mother, and Lady Diana, among others, in addition to recreating famous appearances. Diana and Margaret Thatcher’s dress choices revealed their difficult ties with the royal family and sentimental attitudes, which is no small feat.



No one can dispute Bridgerton’s magical world of gowns and diamonds. Ellen Mirojnick, the wardrobe designer, focused on creating aspirational confections of organza, tulle, and embroidery inspired by the era rather than historical realism. The imperial waistline dress with half corsets from the 1800s was given a modern spin, and bonnets were eliminated.

Each family has its own color scheme that reflects its social standing and riches. The Bridgertons wore elegant blues, greens, and silvers, whereas the Featheringtons of the new generation sported too-bright lemony yellows, pinks, and oranges. The outfit was ideal for the sultry, retro show that Bridgerton was, and it truly drew in the spectators.



While designing the outfits for the tense and dramatic Elite, Cristina Rodriguez addressed various themes. Including Spanish Gen Z style, personalized preppy school elegant, modest attire, and unisex clothing. Each character had a particular sense of style. Such as Lu’s hairbands and pearls. But it didn’t mean their clothes didn’t change as their storylines progressed.

The show’s centerpiece was the personalized school uniforms. It all included little but essential elements like accouterments. The role of a sleeve or a certain style of bag to symbolize each classmate’s individuality. The creative costuming of the Spanish play continues to enchant viewers.


Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

CAOS’ clothing, designed by Angus Strathie, was stunning because of its themed hues and the sense of perpetual fall it evoked. Greendale seemed to dwell in its own semi-vintage and semi-modern era pocket, and the show’s chronological frame was unclear.

Sabrina’s distinctive red and black was influenced by fashion from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Prudence had a bohemian flair that fit well into the witchy realm, while Ambrose donned velvets and ruffled blouses. The show’s closets were at their finest when it shocked viewers, as seen by Sabrina’s unusual all-gold dresses.



The Beautiful Women Of Wrestling wore some of the unique outfits ever seen on television. Beth Morgan, who ensured that the most significant trend of the 1980s emerged on Glow: shoulder pads, is responsible for the spandex outfits, glittering sparkles, and stand-out appliqué work on the wrestlers.

Through the use of antique fabrics, ruffles, headwear, and silhouettes, much of the show’s costume was influenced by 1980s JCPenney and Sears catalogs, and the costuming was kept as genuine and realistic as it would have been in the time period. Glow wonderfully and truly caught the greatest of women’s and men’s apparel, making it a stylishly outstanding display.


Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is without a doubt one of the most significant shows in clothing, designed by Stephanie Collie and Alison McCosh. Tommy Shelby’s three-piece suit style, complete with deadly baker boy hat and distinctive overcoats, was immediately copied by the affluent and famous all over the globe.


The Umbrella Academy

When it comes to costume design, this program was a maverick since no two characters were dressed the same. Some, like Grace, were inspired by 1950s housewives. Along with Hargreeves, who had a few old-world touches as well. Christopher Hargadon, who oversaw the clothing of The Umbrella Academy, was tasked with styling a diverse cast of characters, some of whom deviated from the books in terms of appearance.

Luther, who has been half-ape, donned bizarre space outfits, while Hazel and Cha-Cha wore identical suits, Vanya wore gender-fluid clothing, and Klaus wore all black. The variety of styles made this a one-of-a-kind sartorial event.


Cable Girls

The Great Gatsby immediately comes to mind whenever one thinks about the 1920s. Audiences should look to Helena Sanch’s Cable Girls on Netflix for some delectable 1920s and 1930s couture. The performance kept true to the ’20s in terms of the dropped waist, straight cut with knife pleats, and little collar and button details, but selected a brighter blue hue to reflect the vibrant era.



Although fashion will not be the first thing that springs to mind when people think of Friends, when it comes to 90s trends, this is the ultimate episode. The diversity of clothing and styles featured throughout the series is astounding, and they were undoubtedly fashionable at the period.

Nevertheless, not only were these outfits popular when the program first aired. But they’re also making a comeback now, demonstrating exactly how fashionable Rachel and Joey were all at the time.


I Am Not Okay With This

I Am Not Okay With This, directed by Bex Crofton-Atkins, has the thrift shop elegance that audiences are searching for. Stanley’s moments of glory: a huge-lapelled, dramatic blue suit is scattered liberally throughout the show, along with oversized coats, chunky knits, band shirts, corduroy, Bretton stripes, and sneakers.



Suits revolve around the world’s most elite attorneys, and given that the people featured are all incredibly affluent, it’s no surprise that they can afford to dress well. The individuals in this program always look great, from their costly suits to their gorgeous gowns.

Even when they’re not at work, the characters have a wonderful sense of elegance and class. They give their clothing a modern touch, elevating the show and making the characters and their socioeconomic standing more credible.


Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is all about being stylish, which is why it is one of the most popular series of all time. The characters all donned the most fashionable clothing of the historical period in order to appear as fashionable as imaginable, and they nearly always succeeded.

The characters’ style was continuously changed throughout the program in order to appear their best, and most of their clothing pieces were from the world’s most known high-end fashion firms, and that is why the show is still stylish today.



Another historical drama, this time is set in the 1940s, is Hollywood. This series, like all Ryan Murphy shows, is all on large, bright colors, and because it’s set amid the glamour and splendor of Hollywood’s golden era, everyone is eager to impress.

This episode features some amazing clothes, ranging from magnificent gowns to incredible suits and fedoras, so anybody who likes fashion will find something else to admire in this mini-series.


Mad Men

Mad Men’s characters know how to put together an outfit, whether it’s smart suits or extravagant gowns. The clothing is completely appropriate for the historical period in which they’re set, the 1960s, and they’re a fantastic representation of how individuals in that line of work dressed at the time.

Because the characters work in the advertising industry, they must dress professionally, which they do. The males at the workplace wear magnificent suits, and the women in the show wear equally fantastic gowns.


The Good Place

The Good Place had its own distinct mood and feel, which functioned well for the program, and it also added a lot of variety in terms of fashion to the series. Michael looked just as sharp in some extremely modern and fashionable outfits as Tahani did in her gorgeous clothes.

Jason had a more young style, but Chidi wore excellent, traditional clothes as well. On the other hand, Eleanor was frequently the one with the finest costume, adding a lot of unique vibes to the series with a genuine range of ensembles that made her stand out.

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