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Make your child smarter with 12 brain stimulating games

Are you fed up of your children often staring at the TV screen, iPad … to play games, watch cartoons, funny clips but refuse to go out to participate in useful activities? Resimleri gerçek olan merter escort escort kadınları açısından her zaman en doğru adres. You’ve tried suggesting that your child read good books, but as a result, he has no interest in this and continues to insist on playing as before. The solution for you is games and activities that keep your baby away from screens, helping to develop her thinking while entertaining and stimulating her mind for stimulating games.

The benefits of letting children participate in brain-stimulating games

There are different skills that your child can acquire by participating in brain games for kids, such as:

  • Creation
  • Learn concept
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Spatial perception
  • Critical thinking and critical thinking
  • Improve your language skills… for stimulating games

12 good brain development games for kids

1. Assembling game

Suitable for children from 2 to 4 years old for stimulating games.

Building blocks is the most basic brain game for kids. Since their inception, these toys have maintained a stable position in the world’s popular toys.

Effects: All aspects of your child’s development including shape recognition, color recognition, creativity , spatial awareness and many more. Building blocks is the most basic brain game for kids that you can let your child play from a very early age.

How to play

• Show your child the different color blocks and sizes. Then you let your child explore the building blocks and let her imagination run wild.

• You can start with basic shapes and color blocks for younger children and then progress to Lego building blocks or abstract things for older children.

• Create simple patterns with blocks, let your toddler try to imitate assembling the patterns. This is a simple way to help your child observe patterns.

2. Object search game

This brain development game is suitable for children 5 from 12 years old

Classic games and jungle hunting are fun games for brain training.

What it does: Hunting games are easily adjustable and help keep your baby focused for hours on end. These types of games help your child follow instructions, enhance attention, develop language, and increase spatial awareness.

How to play

Here is an example of a themed hunting game:

• You can tell your child to look for things in nature like a flower, 3 rocks, water, green leaves, brown leaves, plants, roses…

• An effective way for your baby to practice is to look for books or a new toy. Finding a goal in a cluttered environment will help improve your child’s cognitive system.

3. Puzzle Game: Fun brain-stimulating game for the whole family

This brain stimulation game is suitable for children from 2 to 8 years old.

Puzzle solving can be a fun game for your whole family during picnics or weekend get-togethers.

What it does: Puzzle solving is a game that helps develop spatial awareness, coordination, problem solving, fine motor and cognitive skills. This is a very simple brain development activity so you can play with your child whenever you want.

How to play

• There are different types of puzzles for you to choose from, such as tangrams (ancient jigsaw puzzles originating from China) and puzzles for children.

• For older kids and adults you can try Scrabble, Sudoku, crosswords, logic puzzles and even Rubik’s cubes. Puzzle-solving is definitely a fun and effective brain test for any age.

• You can make your own puzzle pieces by lining up the wooden slats in a row, pasting a family photo on them.

• Use scissors to cut out the cardboard and put together the pieces and create a complete picture.

4. Obstacle Lessons: One of the Unexpectedly Stimulating Brain Games

This motor brain game is suitable for 2 to 5-year-olds

These lessons are easy to set up and can be placed right in your living room. Create simple obstacles using household items, increase complexity with creative obstacles for older children.

Effects: Helps children improve motivation, visual perception, planning, coordination, problem-solving, critical thinking and language skills.

How to play

• There are many ways to create obstacles. It can be a number of items right in your home: pillows, chairs, tables, pillows, sofas, storage boxes, strings, paper …

• Typical obstacles have the following properties: something to step on, crawl, roll over, jump on, throw away…

• You can also adjust obstacles for older children by adding puzzles and jigsaw puzzles that, if done correctly, can be overcome.

5. Block Puzzle Game

Suitable for children from 2 to 4 years old

Simple, but these toys are key to the very early learning development of toddlers.

Effect: Although very simple, this game acts as an effective brain stimulant for toddlers. Folding and building exercises help with finesse, spatial and visual awareness, balance, sequencing, early math skills, and coordination.

How to play

• Start with some basic jigsaw puzzles and work your way up by adjusting textures, prints, or sizes. These are two types of toys that are quite compatible and complement each other.

• It’s important to keep the conversation going while your baby plays to keep them motivated.

6. Tape removal stimulating games

Suitable for children from 2 to 4 years old

Concentration is the key to most games that develop important brain building activity. However, children are easily distracted.

Effect: This is a fun game to help children brainstorm and enhance concentration.

How to play

• You need some masking tape and a flat surface. This brain game enhances toddler’s concentration. Toddlers love the feel of peeling, removing, and pulling, and this activity satisfies all of those actions.

• On a flat surface, table or laptop, stick the tape strip. Make sure the tapes overlap. Show your toddler how to remove the bandage one at a time using a fingernail.

• Allow your toddler to explore and remove the bandages. You can add different colored tape with insulating tape or craft tape to add even more elements to this activity.

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7. Acting with toys: Fun brain stimulation game

Suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old

Play with toys plays an important role in children’s social and cognitive development.

Effect: Role-playing helps develop children’s language, social and emotional skills, nurtures imagination and enhances understanding of the world around them. Role-playing suggests open-ended questions and stimulates thought processes.

How to play

• Don tidy up the house to create a play area, use cardboard boxes, tents… to create a washing machine, house, fortress, kitchen or whatever your child likes.

• Don’t forget, it’s all pretend play, so encourage them to do everything they can: build a secret base, lead an alien battle, be a vet taking care of teddy bears. sick…

8. Alternate Storytelling stimulating games

Suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old

This is one of the most fun games you can organize for a group of kids or play with family members.

Effects: There are many benefits from this game, including increased confidence, improved thinking ability, improved learning and observation, decision making and creativity. This is fun game for the whole family anywhere and anytime.

How to play:

• Each person will tell a story together, but only one sentence at a time is allowed. For example:

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a splendid castle…”

– “The princess has big round eyes, bouncy blonde hair and pinkish white skin…”

– “One morning, the princess had… a pimple on her face!”

– ….

• Choose a story or story theme that seems a bit surreal, weird, and funny to provide a sense of intrigue that keeps children engaged.

• You can choose a story your child already knows or create a completely new story.

9. The game tells a story – stimulating games

Suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old

Retelling a story can help promote brain development that is different than what children get from listening to the story or reading a picture book.


• The ability to retell a story requires your child’s attention and concentration over an extended period of time. This also helps with their memory, as they will have to follow the characters of the story, the sequence of events and what will happen next.

• Storytelling also helps develop language, vocabulary and confidence. Each story requires children to connect and express. This is also an effective way to stimulate the brain for creative people .

• Children as young as 6 can develop self-confidence and independent thinking. Trying to rephrase the story in your own language is a great way to express your child’s feelings and emotions in a positive way.

How to play

• Choose a magazine page with many elements, your child will have to be creative to tell a story using the same elements on the page.

• Another fun idea is to try writing down suggestions for filling a jar with lots of scraps of paper with topics like “green monster in the castle”, “astronaut lost rocket” , “a ladybug with a green spot”. The more creative you are with the suggestions, the more fun stories will come.

10. Phonetics Game

Suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old

This game is simple but very fun. A simple movement game that you can play anywhere until you get bored.

Effects: This activity helps children and friends think quickly, develop communication ability, improve decision-making skills, and help children become more confident .

How to play

• Players take turns choosing consecutive letters of the alphabet and fill in the following blanks: “I will choose … to… with me.”

• For example: “I will choose my second brother [the letter A] to eat cake [the letter A] with me. I will choose grandma [the letter B] to crawl out into the garden [the letter B] with me. I will choose the cat [the letter C] to play skipping rope [the letter C] with me…

The more silly the sentences read out, the more fun the game is! You can let your child change the sentence structure more creatively, but always follow the principle of filling in pairs of words with letters starting in alphabetical order.

11. Memorization Game – stimulating games

Suitable for children from 5 to 12 years old

Memory booster game helps to improve memory in very fun and interesting way.

Effect: Memory games help exercise the child’s brain, improve concentration, enhance cognitive function, train memory, enhance observation and attention.

How to play

• There are many types of memory games that you can play at home such as simple matching activities for young children, increasing or decreasing the complexity by varying the number of elements.

• Identifying pictures from randomly drawn pictures is a fun game that can be played at home. You start the game by saying, “When we get to the beach, we go by…” “On the table there are…” All the participants of the game take turns adding an element to complete the sentence.

• When one person mentions an object, the next person repeats the object and adds another object. The idea is to repeat all the elements that the person before your turn said. Keep playing the game until someone loses because they can’t think of words to fill in the blanks.

12. Math games – brain stimulating games for kids – stimulating games

Suitable for children from 5 to 12 years old

A simple yet appropriate math game to help kids improve their math skills. Card games are also great for improving math skills.

Effects: Brain games with math help children recognize numbers, how to count, compare larger and smaller numbers and other basic math problems. A simple math game is always a great choice to help children improve their math skills.

How to play

Here are two simple math games that help children’s brain activity.

Dice war

Card Search

• You will need a card holder that contains the cards with the images covered. Arrange all the cards on a tray with the dials on top. One player will say “I visually find two more cards to make…” and the other player must find these two cards.

• Once the cards have been found, the cards must be removed from the deck. Continue until all cards have been removed. In addition to all these games, you can also use puzzles and classic card games like Uno, Go Fish or even crosswords to complement your brainstorming.

• In addition, children love to create their own games. Maybe she wants to play fantasy astronaut with a twist, so let your child explore and express himself freely.

So the next time your child says he’s bored, just play a game with him. This is both relaxing and effective for your child to learn. Don’t miss 12 exciting brain training games with lots of creative ideas to choose from stimulating games.

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