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Digital Marketing

Local Lists: What to Do When You Move Your Business

There are few things worse than running, packing your whole life into bags and boxes, getting a truck to haul everything whether it’s across town or across the country. Yeni Havaalanına açılması sonucur arnavutköy escort kadınlarına gereksinim olacaktır. And then hiring movers (or sending some of your friends to the traditional platter of pizza and beer) Helping instead of offering) Something no one is looking forward to, whether your new home is a big move or an upgrade. However, as bad as running is, moving your business can be even worse.

Moving business locations can often be a positive sign for your company. Maybe you’ve outgrown your office space or can afford a more central storefront in a popular shopping district. Whatever the reason for your move, it certainly comes with a number of logistical concerns that you need to avoid. From notifying your customers and clients about the move in advance to organizing all the telecommunications systems you need in your new office or shopping space – not to mention the actual heavy lifting of equipment, inventory, and files. There are many things that need to be managed to make your move smoothly.

While the hassle of physically moving your business from one location to another may be unavoidable, your move online can be much less stressful. Unlike the hard work involved in moving your desk and computer to a new office. Updating your online presence can be done with a few clicks of the mouse and a stroke of the keys – if only moving was that easy! It can be difficult to keep track of everything whenever you’re on the go, so help us keep your digital to-dos organized with this handy checklist to make your move into the online world easier.

Updating Your Online Presence: A Moving Checklist

1. Check Yourself

First, check your site’s contact page, header, and footer to see if there’s any outdated information that needs updating. Ever move to a new house or apartment and out of habit give your old address to someone? That’s what we want to avoid here.

Many people display your phone number or address prominently at the top or bottom of the site, and if someone is searching for you at your new location in Chicago, they may find an older address on your website than your previous location in St. If so, it can cause confusion. Illusion leads to despair, which is the way to the dark side… No, wait, that’s fear. Confusion and frustration can cause visitors to leave your page and take their business elsewhere – still ultimately causing suffering for your company, although this will lead to better results if you are a Jedi.

It’s also worth noting that this is an important step if you process orders online and ship through your business. Moving to a new location can affect everything from your order processing to tax rates, which depending on the laws and regulations of your new city, town, or even state you need to calculate for customers. Might be possible. Be sure to update any relevant address details within your shopping cart or an eCommerce platform to make sure you don’t have any problems.

Finally, you want to be consistent with your NAP information – name, address, and phone number. It is important to make your contact details consistent as you update further directories, sites, and other online presentations. Directory sites and others primarily read your website’s data, and consistency is important, so make sure if you’re using abbreviations like “cents.” Versus “street” or “site.” Versus “Suite” that you’re using it the same way in all places – on your site and in all other places online.

2. Go to Google

The next thing you should look at is your presence within Google. The search giant has so many different tools available, so it makes sense to update things here first. This is the USPS Think of it like filling out your address change form – this can have the biggest impact and often helps make other updates unnecessary.

Your Google My Business profile will usually be the place to start. Here you can control all the different aspects of your business. This includes your address, of course, as well as your hours, phone number, and other details. You can update all of these as needed to provide searchers with your new physical location, new contact details, and even your marker on the map. Often, you’ll also need to go through a verification process—something in which Google mails you a physical postcard to prove that you’re where you say you are. Doing it right can make it a quick process as you move forward, as Google Postcards often take five to seven business days to arrive. However, there are some ways to speed up the process – more on that later. Hire a professional SEO agency to help you enhance your Google rankings. 

3. Socialize

Once you’ve made sure your address is correct on both Google and on your site, turn to your social presence. One of the first things people do when they move to a new neighborhood is to meet and socialize with the neighbors. 

You want to do the same in the digital world by reviewing your information on Facebook, Twitter, and any other site where you have a presence. To ease the process, you can simply hire a top digital marketing service

These networks often – or should at least be – your address or at least the city and state. View your pages on any social network you participate in and check your NAP information – name, address, and phone number.

Do not forget that this is also an opportunity to hide. Social media is a major outreach tool, and you can leverage that to your advantage. Post something about your pending move beforehand and let your followers know that things have changed as you progress. Want to go above and beyond? Consider boosting a post to show it in more users’ feeds or engage in a pay-per-click campaign to advertise to people within a certain radius of your new location. You may have potential customers near your new location who have never heard of you, and they may only need a little nudge from your social shares to find you and your products or services.

Read Also: How to Get Back Old Usernames on Instagram?

4. Email – Out and In

Okay, so once all the major places are updated online, it’s time to turn your gaze a little inward. Take a look at your email signature – does it contain your old address or your new one? What about your phone number? If it has changed, make sure you update it in your signature so that you don’t have someone trying to call you on the now-disabled phone number.

After checking your signature, why not actively use your email to let your customers and contacts know about the movie? If you have an email marketing list, put together an email to announce your move or even create a promotion or incentive to invite existing buyers to visit your new location. Not only will this help raise awareness and ensure that your customers and clients know you have moved, but it can help ensure that your new office or retail location opening is successful from day one.

5. Direct the Directories

Finally, now that you’ve tackled most of your major online listings and internal addresses. You want to clean up the loose ends. Many directories scraping information from websites today will pull updated information from Google or your own website, but you don’t want to leave anything to chance. If someone gets your information and can’t reach you because your contact details are out of date, it’s a missed opportunity and a lost sale for your business.

Fortunately, tools like Yext can help you manage these directories and sync your data across a whole bunch of different platforms. Leveraging Yext will ensure that your details are consistent across over 70 different platforms. Can even detect and suppress duplicate listings – something that is absolutely possible when you move to a new location. Is. For example, if someone checks in at your new office. It can add a second place to your business when they should update your old address. By signing up for a service like this, you can take control of your listings. Make sure all your contact information is accurate across the web in a matter of minutes. And check out all the different sites one by one on your website. But without the need to chase your own! Yet also works with many major directories, including Apple, Bing, Yahoo! And Yelp, for some of the most popular names. Working with a professional SEO agency will help you improve your ranking in the directories.

Moving is a headache, but doing your move online doesn’t have to. Follow these steps to make sure your customers and clients can find you today, tomorrow, and every day.

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