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Learn How to Copy Email from One Office 365 Account to Another

If you are reading this article then either you want to copy email from one Office 365 account to another or you are just trying to gain some knowledge.

We are going to discuss the challenges, needs, and solutions of the subject in this article.

By the time you will reach the end of this article, there will be no doubts left in your head regarding the same operation.

Table of content:

Reasons to Transfer Office 365 Mailbox to Another Account

There can be a lot of reasons that create the demand for data migration.

We are going to discuss the majority of them one by one.

  1. When two or more brands merge to form a new brand, They demand to store all the data in one place.
    In this case, there will be migration of data in bulk and that can be tricky without a proper migration strategy.
  2. Just like Facebook is Re-branding and changing its name to Meta, Many companies undergo the process of re-branding.
    In such a scenario, there are chances that the company might move O365 emails to another account.
  3. Copy email from one Office 365 account to another is a very common query among IT heads & system admins of a company.
    This is because of the rapid changes in an organization’s internal and external factors.
  4. Also, when a bigger company takes over a smaller company and instructs its management to work according to the parent company.
    There are possible chances that the decision for migration of data takes place.
  5. Sometimes a company finds the data of a termed employee very important and wants to transfer it to another employee’s account.
    Here, transferring bulk data isn’t needed, but to avoid the charges according to the retention policy of MS, Migration is required.

Challenges to Copy Email from One Office 365 Account to Another

Now we know, what are the reasons to transfer data from one account to another, let’s move forward to the challenges a user face while performing the task.

  1. Accidental Data Deletion: While migrating bulk data manually, may lead to data loss or accidental data deletion in some cases. This can be the worst migration experience for any user. This is why data security comes out as a big concern for the company.
  2. Strategy for Transferring Data:
    Without a migration strategy, there can be multiple errors in the whole migration process.
    Some companies transfer data in small batches and some companies opt for other plans.
    Planning is a very vital part of a data migration project.
  3. Internet Bandwidth:
    Migration when done in bulk, can take ages to complete with slow bandwidth.
    Therefore, a strong internet connection is required to make the process smooth.
  4. No Direct Migration Tool: Microsoft doesn’t provide any direct solution for its users to easily transfer the data to another account. However, there are some specially designed tools available in the market today.
  5. Selection of an Ideal Tool:
    We have to choose which tool can be the best one and performs the task efficiently. The selection of a migration tool can majorly affect a user’s data migration experience.

Best Possible Solution to Migrate One Office 365 Account to Another Account

Without wasting any time, let’s learn what is the best and reliable solution for our query.
In order to copy your emails from one O365 account to another one, you need to install Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool.

This tool will let you migrate bulk data for many users as well as a handful of data for just a few users.

Step-1 Download and launch tool, then select the source and destination account.

Copy email from one Office 365 account to another step1

Step-2 In the workload section, choose the desired categories and apply the date filter for specific data transfer.

step-2 migration

Step-3 Enter your O365 admin credentials for both the source and destination platforms and validate the required permissions.

Copy email from one Office 365 account to another step-3

Step-4 For bulk migration of data, create User mapping to add many users in one go.

step-4 migration

Step-5 Click on validate and then click on start migration.

Copy email from one Office 365 account to another step-5


I hope I have sorted all the doubts on the user query i.e. “how to copy email from one Office 365 account to another”. As, we understood all the hurdles, reasons, and solutions, now we came to the conclusion that migration is a tricky task without an appropriate tool and planning. If you have any doubts, please comment down below.

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