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Know the Difference Between ReactJS and React Native

In the world of technology, with so many different programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, it is hard not to get confused. This gets even more complex when it comes to choosing the best language for your project. Speaking of which, it is also natural to get confused about the technicalities and nuances that each of these technologies has. The same is the case with ReactJS and React Native.

This article will discuss whether ReactJS and React Native are the same, and if not, what are the differences. So, make sure you read this article till the end before you hire a React developer team for your project.

What is JavaScript?

When you enter a website and get amazed by all the interactive features and animations, remember that it is all because of JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language that is used to add fun features on a website built using languages like HTML and CSS.

What is a JavaScript Library?

JavaScript is essential for the development of websites and online applications. However, there are instances when JavaScript is required to execute repetitive tasks, such as standard animation effects or autocomplete search bar functionalities. 

It might feel like “reinventing the wheel” when you have to recode these functions every time. JavaScript libraries can help you with this. JavaScript libraries are collections of pre-written JavaScript code that can be utilized for common JS tasks, saving you time from having to code by yourself. 

If there is a function you need to create that other developers have required for their own projects previously, it will definitely be helpful to you. You can find it from a JS library to reduce your effort.

What is ReactJS?

There are a lot of JS libraries and ReactJS is one of them. But what makes it unique?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that supports developers in the creation of user interfaces – UIs. UIs are the collection of on-screen menus, search bars, buttons, and everything else that a user interacts with on a website or a web application.

Developers had to design UIs by hand before React JS, which meant longer development times and more chances of mistakes and bugs. In 2011, Jordan Walke, a Facebook engineer, developed ReactJS to improve UI development. ReactJS hasn’t looked back since then. 

In fact, the entire web page of Instagram is built using ReactJS.

Components of ReactJS

1. Functional Components

Functional components are JavaScript functions that aid in the development of React apps. It is useful when it does not require data from other components. This means that functional components do not interact with other components.

2. Class Components

The functional components are a little more complicated than the class components. The functional components in your program are unaware of the other react components, but the class components can collaborate with each other. This means they can transmit information from one class component to another.

3. Container Components

A container component is a sort of class component that serves as a conduit for data and action between other container components. In addition, the container gets data before generating the appropriate sub-component. As a result, container components focus primarily on working conditions.

Benefits of ReactJS

1. Ease of Development

In comparison to JavaScript, where code can rapidly become difficult, ReactJS makes it easier to develop dynamic web apps since it needs less coding and provides greater functionality. This helps every React JS developer build apps in less time.

2. Improved Performance

ReactJS uses Virtual DOM to increase the development speed of web apps. Instead of updating all of the components every time they change, as typical web applications do, Virtual DOM analyses the components’ previous states and only updates the Real DOM elements that have changed.

3. Reusable Components

Components are the fundamental building elements of React applications, and most apps include several components. These components have their own logic and controls, and they can be reused across the app, reducing the development time significantly.

What is React Native?

React Native is a popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework that lets you create native-looking iOS and Android apps. Facebook originally published React Native as an open-source project in 2015. It became one of the most popular mobile development options in just a few years.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of this framework is that developers can build applications for a variety of platforms with the same codebase. Some of the world’s most popular mobile apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Skype, employ React Native development.

Components of React Native

There are many built-in and core React Native components. Let’s take a look:

1. Basic Components

Most apps will use at least one of these basic components.

  • View
  • Text
  • Image
  • Text Input
  • Scroll View
  • Style Sheet

2. User Interface

These standard UI controls will work on any platform.

  • Button
  • Switch

3. Lists Components

The list view components show only the elements that are visible. As a result, they’re a good choice for showing extensive lists of data.

  • Flat List
  • Section List

4. Android Components and APIs

Many components provide wrappers for Android classes.

  • Back Handler
  • Drawer Layout Android
  • Permissions Android
  • Toast Android

5. iOS Components and APIs

Many components provide wrappers for UI Kit classes.

  • Action Sheet iOS

Benefits of React Native

1. Platform Consistency

There are some navigation and design variations between iOS and Android. Due to the shared codebase, React Native handles them very efficiently. This makes it easier to create a consistent app brand identity across both platforms with less work than if the react applications were natively developed.

2. Community Support

As an open-source framework, React Native allows the whole developer community to study any documentation related to the technology for free, as well as contribute to it whenever they want. Since React Native is a community-driven framework, it allows you to get advice from other developers, search for relevant information, and even assist other developers who are having trouble with something.

3. High Performance

The platform’s productivity is based on the usage of native modules and controls to improve performance. It works by interacting with native Android and iOS components. Thereafter generating native API codes without any interruption.

In Conclusion

We can conclude from the points above that ReactJS and React Native are not the same. Both have different features and functions. So, the question is, which one is better, ReactJS or React Native? Should you hire ReactJS developers or React Native developers?

Well, both are excellent in their own right. The user should select technology that is appropriate for their needs. ReactJS is ideal for web apps, whereas React Native is suitable for mobile applications.

If you are still not sure which technology is best suited for your project, feel free to contact our ReactJS development company, Narola InfoTech. We will help you determine which one is the most suitable for you.

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