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Jira Pricing vs Trello Pricing –  A Comparison of Two Project Management Software 

Jira Pricing vs Trello Pricing -  A Comparison of Two Project Management Software 

Buying a project management system can be stressful because users have to choose from a wide variety of options available in the market. When analyzing the choices it is important to read user reviews too. Two popular project management tools are used by companies of all sizes and they are Jira and Trello. Both platforms own Atlassian and cater to the same audience which is why it is important to compare them. This article looks at Jira pricing vs Trello pricing amongst other things to help clear the confusion. 

Introduction to Jira 

Jira software is one of the best-selling project management software products owned by Atlassian. It uses technical teams to track various issues and follow the project’s progress. The system has been designed specifically to assist with agile software development and there are various dashboards and overviews to promote scrum methods and foster an agile work culture.  

There are more than 1,000 extensions available and teams can also add more extensions through the Atlassian marketplace. It integrates with third-party tools which makes it more functional. The users can optimize their workflow and avoid having to switch windows with Jira. 

Introduction to Trello 

Trello is designed for general usage and can use by businesses in any industry. It is a lightweight project management solution that can be used for general as well as specific projects. The tool uses Kanban boards to help teams visualize their tasks and workflows for any type of initiative. It can use marketing teams to plan campaigns or for homeowners to organize their remodeling projects.  

Trello software makes it easier to collaborate with clients because they can be provided access to the same boards. It streamlines communication as well with the help of comments, mentions, and notifications sent directly to the email inbox. It addresses several challenges associated with managing and tracking tasks. There are also integration options available to enhance the user experience and help them do more in a fewer number of clicks. 

Differences between Jira and Trello 

Apart from Jira pricing vs Trello pricing, there are several other differences between the two project management solutions. Jira has been specifically designed to assist software development teams and is best suited for developers, IT project managers, and software engineers. Trello on the other hand targets a much broader audience and can use to manage virtually any type of project.  

According to user reviews, expert opinions, and industry professionals, some major differences should affect the decision of any buyer. These cover several different aspects such as costs, maintenance, and traditional project management capabilities. A closer look at each one of the platforms will help users develop a solid impression of them and make it easier for them to pick out one that would be most appropriate for their organization. 

Server Hosting 

Businesses can choose between different modes of data storage and one of the most popular choices today is cloud hosting. It is a much better alternative to saving all the data on a physical on-premises network. However, there are also downsides to the cloud and the decision depends on multiple factors.  

In terms of Jira software and Trello, users who want project management software that is stored on-premises should consider Jira. It offers both cloud and physical hosting based on the client’s requirements. Trello on the other hand only offers a cloud-based solution and it is a web-based platform that can access from anywhere and at any time.  

Jira Pricing vs Trello Pricing 

It can be difficult to compare the costs of software since it includes subscription, installation, training, and maintenance fees. Both project management solutions offer various plans and their pricing depends on several factors. The monthly bill decide based on the number of users included in the plan.  

The basic plan for Jira starts at $10 per month whereas Trello software offers a free version that can host unlimited users. However, the functionality of both starting plans is limited, and the cost for upgrading is almost the same for either software. 

Agile or Kanban 

Agile and scrum are popular methodologies when it comes to project management but the trend is shifting in favor of lean approaches. The project management tool should be able to adapt to the needs of the user with customization options that support their goals. Jira and Trello both align towards Scrum and Kanban methodologies and have multiple dashboards or card view options that can help teams manage their tasks. 

Traditional Project Management 

Now that we have discussed Jira pricing vs Trello pricing it is important to talk about the project tracking capabilities. Jira is better than Trello in terms of its comprehensive time tracking, reporting, issue monitoring, and other relevant features. Trello only provides users with basic functionality and mostly focuses on task management.   

Software Integration 

Trello allows third-party integrations which make its Kanban boards even more functional. It can synchronize with communication and collaboration platforms such as Slack, Usersnap, or GitHub. Jira offers hundreds of integration options with other services. Users can also choose any of the extensions available on the Atlassian marketplace. It can seamlessly integrate with other software to create a functional project environment.  

Which One to Choose? 

Buyers should not only focus on Jira pricing vs Trello pricing and look at the different features available on the platform. Those who need software with completely customizable tools for time and issue tracking will be better off with Jira. It is the best option for a mid-sized business and the go-to option for those who are looking for scalability. However, buyers should be aware of the onboarding costs and training period that comes with it.  

Those who want simpler and more manageable task management software for their small company should look no further than Trello. It has a simple and well-designed interface which offers teams an easy way to look after their projects and keep operational costs down. 


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