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Japanese Pokemon card for sale

Japanese Pokemon card for sale

The most popular promotion of the year is to hit the Pokemon community. A new rare set of Japanese Pokemon cards will come out. 

Entry bein accept. To enter this contest, you must be a resident of Japan and purchase two packs of Legends Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Revived Legends, or Lost Link. If you cut the bar code from the two packs and send it to the lottery office, your name will enter in a drawing for this beautiful card set.

There are two rare Pokemon promo card sets. Courses “A” feature Ho-Oh and Lugia, and “B” courses include Switch, Raiku, and Anti. You can choose only one course per entry. The difference between these Pokemon promo cards is that they have a variety of color options.

Each character has a unique variation of its natural color. For example, ho-oh is more of a blue tail and a brown one. Luzia has a purple belly, Raiku has a yellow color, Swithun has a blue color instead of purple, and Aunty has a gray face. Black Star promo numbers have not been released yet, but my guess is that this is the missing number in the LP series.

Still, going crazy?

Now the bad news. These cards are lottery sweepstakes that are open to Japanese residents only. Only 1000 lucky winners will select for each course. Winners will notify and promo cards will be sent out at once. Don’t expect to get these for cheap. With only 1000 available from each set, these would be very difficult to find. One of you may remember the last sweepstakes promotion of pokemon cards for sale.

 In 2002, there was a similar lottery where the winner received either a rare promo set by Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise, or a set of Magnesium, Ferraligator, and Typhlosion. These cards sold for about 100 100. My guess might be similar to this new set. But the difference is that in the lottery in 2002, 3000 mad with each set. This time there are only 1000 here. My guess is there will be more popular and unfortunately more expensive. I doubt these cards will make it in English, so this will probably be the only time you will be able to get them.

Interesting facts about Japanese Pokemon statistics

Have you ever considered a collection of Japanese Pokemon stats? I suspect there’s someone who hasn’t heard of Pokemon, but if not, Satoshi Tajiri created it in 1996 as a video game. Currently, it bases on a video game and is the second most profitable media franchise owned by Nintendo.

There are numerous Pokemon collectible stats based on the characters found in the video game. There are many toys, trading cards, bags, and other products on the market based on this video game. More than 400 characters are currently being market.

Do you collect statistics as a hobby? But, if you are a Pokemon fan, you can try it. Even if you don’t, think about potential future investments.

Some Pokemon statistics are very rare. These most Japanese are not sold in the United States or Europe. Therefore, there may be some people who would pay a lot more to get their hands on these rare figures. In addition to the potential investment for future sales, you can enjoy the rush for specific figures to add to your collection. Since there are countless characters, just choose a specific series.

There are several different types of collectible statistics. It is very difficult to find old ones like the Bandai Battle Museum series or the Bandai Full Color Advance series. As well as new ones like “Gate”, Silent Pop Surprise, Jukan 1/40 Scale, Bottle Cap, Keshipoke, Pokemon Kids, Takaratomy 2 “and of course action figures of all sizes.

Currently, some rare Pokemon stats are less expensive than movie action stats like Star Wars, mainly because Star Wars is much older, but it can easily change because of the Pokemon frenzy. However, you can buy cheap statistics that are not real. Therefore, you cannot sell them later.

Compared to retail stores, buying Japanese Pokemon statistics via the internet can be cheaper. Although you always run the risk of getting knocked off or fake statistics.

Pokemon Card Game: Sword & Shield- Vivid Voltage Mini Portfolio

Save up to 60 of the latest and greatest Pokemon cards in this mini-portfolio. Each portfolio comes with a new Pokemon TCG: Booster Pack from Sword and Ella-animated voltage expansion so you can start filling now!

Vivid voltage booster box is a brand new set in trading card games. This is the 4th Sword and Ella series set, based on the Pikachu VMX, and the first set is Amazing Rare!

Pokemon TCG: Marni Premium Tournament Collection includes:

1 full-art foil supporter card featuring Marni

Additional is the additional foil support card that features Marni

Card5 Card sleeves containing Marni

A solid deck box containing Marni

A large coin of Marni

2 currency condition markers

The tournament is tournament-ready damage dice

7 Pokemon TCG Booster Pack

A code card for Pokemon trading card games online

We sell Pokemon booster boxes, packs, breaks, and even Pokemon trading card game codes online!

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