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Improve Data privacy with electronic signature online app

Data protection received a new urgency in the past year. Tech visionaries who were once touted as architects of a connected world are now faced with tough questions and strict regulations regarding how they collect, process, and manage personal data.

Data protection received a new urgency in the past year. Tech visionaries who were once touted as architects of a connected world are now faced with tough questions and strict regulations regarding how they collect, process, and manage personal data.

Nowhere is personal data (PII) scrutinized more closely than in the healthcare industry. In 2014 we asked the renowned data protection and legal expert Timothy Reiniger to explain how the electronic signature contract technology from DocSignPro offers important protective measures and secure data access to exchange health information. His comments have proven forward-looking and sustainable.

The strategic management of patient identity in health information exchanges. (HIE) must be base on fundamental evidential requirements to prove the authenticity and reliability of digital signatures.

Electronic signature online can help you in the longer run.

For a digital signature to be legally interoperable in the long term. It must be standards-base and capable of providing strong two-factor authentication for access, logging of all uses, and detecting changes. This will ensure that the relying party complies with applicable confidentiality and evidence requirements related to electronic health records (EHR) and the secure exchange of medical information.

The profitability of networks depends on clear legal rights in access and usage rights to systems and data sets. Access and usage control via private keys (also known as signing keys) is essential for the reliability of digital patient signatures.

In particular, interoperable digital signatures. Such as those issue and maintain by applicable state and federal standards, give digital signature users the ability to exercise legal control to prevent unauthorize signing. And detect changes at the content level, too, for store records in HIEs.

Legal issues to create a customized contract

The DocSignPro SaaS delivery model for digital signatures and identities. Which is base on the central management of the private keys of each patient, defines minimum criteria for issuing, validating, and securing interoperable digital signatures. To ensure that communications, digital signatures, and records are reliable. And resistant to fraud and tampering, legal control over the private key should rely on strong authentication. And logging for later evidence of any use.

Interoperable digital signatures base on centralize management of signing keys offer four overarching legal advantages for the control of EHRs and the management of legal risks in HIEs:

1. Reliable digital signatures

To ensure that electronic records sign by the patient are reliable and resistant to fraud and manipulation. The signing method should consist of a centrally store and managed private signing key over. Which the patient has sole control through a two-factor authentication process. A digital certificate base on strong identity verification, such as B. the nationally recognize antecedent proofing or knowledge-base survey process; and a signing and rendering (display) application that allows any relying party to verify the authenticity of the order easily

2. Independently verifiable digital signatures and records

Digitally signing electronic records with interoperable digital signatures ensures. That relying parties can verify over time the authenticity of information. That was intend to be the equivalent of a paper original. The DocSignPro patient signature platform includes a detective control in the document using the free electronic signature in word. So that relying parties can check the origin of the document, the integrity of the content, and the date. No external evidence is require as all validation evidence is contain to Sign documents online itself.

It should be noted that proving authenticity through the use of extrinsic controls alone is complex and costly. And the reliability of multiple external controls of document systems and applications must be demonstrate over time. On the other hand, using intrinsic content-level controls to detect changes (such as digital signatures) makes a strong case for the foundation of authenticity. Which does not depend on the reliability of external systems other than those use to apply the intrinsic controls are require

3. Cloud Computing

An authoritative source data set’s permanent authenticity and control are base on intrinsic detective and preventive control mechanisms. A signer declares an authoritative source record by applying an intrinsic document-level mechanism. Such as B. a digital signature, an electronic seal, or a timestamp.

Final Verdicts

The authoritative source dataset is independent of the file container in which it is stored. The authoritative source dataset is self-contain and self-verifiable of electronic signature Online and does not depend on an external system or application to determine its authenticity.

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