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FeaturedSocial media marketing

Importance of social media for business

The importance of social media for your business:


Indispensable in our daily lives, social networks have increasingly established themselves as great communication tools for a company. These are real springboards for developing your visibility and your sales. It is essential to fully integrate them into your digital strategy.

Why be on social media?

Simple to use, social media facilitate contact between professionals and individuals. In addition to being in direct contact with regular customers and your partners, you facilitate and optimize your prospecting with just one click.
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1. Master your image and manage your e-reputation


The presence on social networks is essential for an innovative and modern company. Standing out from the competition through the quality of the products and services offered requires a strong and original identity to meet the new needs of customers to find what they are looking for at all times. This shows that your company is in tune with the times and that it has mastered the new codes of communication.

Reach your audience in the heart with storytelling and tell narrative stories in order to sell a product or even a brand image. Become your own media!

 Corporate reputation can have a major impact on your brand image, with both positive and negative repercussions.  

It is important regardless of the size of the company. Monitoring the opinion that Internet users have about your brand, rumor’s, opinions to understand what makes the buzz is necessary as much as responding to all the feedback from Internet users to confirm your interest and your sensitivity towards your audience and their customer experience.

If your company is present on Social Networks, it is easier for you to control what is said about it, and to respond to Internet users.

 Having an official account is essential, because it sets you apart from the competition, it reassures Internet users and it prevents certain accounts from taking advantage of your notoriety by usurping your identity.

This presence requires regular and daily attention in order to provide them with answers and to communicate with them by reacting to their comments. These dialogues help to improve your e-reputation and your brand image with the companies and people who follow you.


2. Expand your prospect target and capture new customers


A real viral marketing tool in addition to websites, social networks are a great way to reach more prospects. These are effective levers to boost your company’s online visibility and increase the number of visitors to your website 

On social media, each like on one of your publications will be visible to the majority of its contacts. Use the social selling strategy to personalize your contact and develop a new sales strategy.

3. Increase your turnover


Today, social networks are more than ever part of consumers’ daily lives.

They go so far as to impact their purchasing behavior since 38% of Internet users rely on comments read on the networks before making their final decision. Some social networks such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to do social shopping, that is to say, integrate your products or services on your pages to be able to sell them easily.

If you have well-identified prospects and a loyal community, this will allow you to develop your business and your turnover.

 Don’t forget that the two lungs of sales are prospecting and building loyalty, yet consumers and buyers have taken root on social media.


4. Build customer loyalty and create brand ambassadors


Your company’s customers can grow your sales in more than one way.

Taking care of your customer relationship and managing their dissatisfaction will allow you to transform them into ambassadors who defend your brand.

The commercial and sponsorship benefits, displayed on your networks for your customers, is an ideal way to build loyalty, but also to encourage others to talk about you and thus acquire new customers.

Keep in mind that word of mouth is still important and effective. For example: Publishing your exclusive offers reserved for your most loyal customers will give them a sense of belonging.


5. Improve your customer relationship through more interactivity


Social networks are an interactive communication channel that allows you to manage your customer relationship in real time. For this you can opt for feed networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Snapchat which favor daily and ephemeral content.

The interventions of your customers in the comments or sharing of published content make them actors in your communication.

Integrating social marketing into exchanges is the best way to establish a relationship of trust. Do not ignore any comments, because all are signs of vitality for your business and all should be taken seriously.

Example: Before the launch of a new product, have Internet users vote to find out their favorite packaging.



6. Optimize your recruitments

Today, to hire their future employees, many companies use social networks (including LinkedIn and Facebook) in their recruitment process.


Job offers published on social media are often widely shared and redistributed by Internet users. This makes it possible to reach many people and save valuable time. It is therefore easier to select and contact relevant profiles recommended by other members.

If you are willing , and committed to building high-quality content that will be optimized for search engine crawling.


Digital marketing agency Lahore, has thus been able to help many companies gain visibility on social media.



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