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Import Entourage to Outlook for Mac—Complete Procedure

How to Import Entourage to Outlook for Mac?

In Short: In this blog, we will guide you through a step-by-step process to import Entourage to Outlook for Mac & Windows. If you are seeking better and more trustworthy solutions to transfer Entourage emails to Outlook, you can read this blog to find and select the best solution for your needs.

As we all know today, Entourage is a Mac-based email client that was developed by Microsoft in 2000, but after some time, Microsoft stopped its development in 2008. It is a personal information manager because it has project management, email, calendar, address book, and task list functionality.

But, now it is discontinued, and all the users who are still using this email application want to move away from this email management tool to another email client like Microsoft Outlook.

Why Users Want to Import Entourage to Outlook

There are many reasons available here that the user moves from one email client to another, so in this part, we have introduced you to those reasons.

  • Microsoft ending its Entourage email service is the main driver behind the migration.
  • Due to support stopped by Microsoft hence there is no security update rolled out by Microsoft regarding Entourage.
  • A Mac-based email client is called Entourage. As a result, the majority of times when a user switches from Mac OS X to Windows, Entourage to PST conversion is required (due to the massive adoption of Outlook on Windows).
  • Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013 all provide users with offline access to their emails, contacts, calendars, and other data.
  • Outlook offers features like Manage Rules and Alerts, Social Connectivity, and Faster Email Processing, among others.
  • The Exchange Server is supported by Microsoft Outlook to maintain secure email communication, and Exchange Server also aids in data consolidation.

Now we have come to know about all the things above which we had the requirement, now we will learn about the steps to complete this task in the coming part, so let us start the solution.

Best Techniques to Import Entourage to Outlook for Mac & Windows

So for any user who wants a direct solution, there are no such direct steps here to convert Entourage to Outlook, for that you will need a third-party tool. Because we have told you that Entourage is not used today. In this section, we have introduced you to the best and most reliable solutions. But, first, you have to export the MBOX data file from Entourage and after that, you can import MBOX into the PST file by using MBOX Converter For Mac. With the use of this tool, you are easily able to import Entourage to Outlook without facing hassle.

Use the Impressive Benefits of this Tool

  • Mac MBOX files can be converted to PDF, EML, HTML, EMLX, CSV, TXT, MHT, MSG, and PST formats.
  • The ability to simultaneously convert several Mac MBOX files using the folder mode setting
  • After the Mac MBOX conversion, the integrated structure is preserved.
  • Mac MBOX files can be converted to PDF, EML, HTML, EMLX, CSV, TXT, MHT, MSG, and PST formats.
  • The ability to simultaneously convert several Mac MBOX files using the folder mode setting
  • After the Mac MBOX conversion, the integrated structure is preserved.
  • While exporting MBOX emails to your desired format, use the Mail Date-Range Filter.
  • File naming conventions like subject, date, date + subject, etc. are available.
  • The possibility of producing a single PST or PDF file from all MBOX emails
  • Maintains and exports the Google Takeout MBOX file’s folder structure.

Step-By-Step Process to Import Entourage to Outlook

So as we told you that first of all you have to export the box file from Entourage, then in this part, we have told you the step-by-step process but we have divided these processes into three parts which are mentioned below.

#1: Export MBOX Data File from Entourage

  1. First, open the “Entourage” email application. and then click on “File>>Export“.
  2. Then, hit on the “Export Items to and Entourage Archive” and all the required options.
  3. Now, to start the process hit on the “Right-Click” and then, choose the “Yes delete Item from Entourage After they are Archived” option.
  4. Finally, to save the mailbox data in the “MBOX” file press the “Save” option.

Note: To get MBOX files directly, you can also go to the Entourage mailbox’s default location:

C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\ (default) C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora\

#2: Convert Entourage MBOX file into PST file Using Tool

After exporting Entourage mailbox data in the MBOX file. Now, we will use the third-party tool (mentioned above) to import the resulting MBOX file into PST file format.

  1. Download & Run the utility in your local system to start the import Entourage to Outlook process.
  2. After that, to add a single or multiple Entourage MBOX files then, select the “Add File” option.
  3. To import the selected Entourage MBOX file into Outlook, use the PST radio button.
  4. Click Change to store the Outlook PST files in the desired location.
  5. Next, select Export to begin converting Entourage files.

#3: Import PST file into Outlook

  1. Open Outlook on a Mac first.
  2. Then, click the File menu and choose Import.
  3. Then, select Outlook for Windows archive file (.pst), and finally click Continue.
  4. Click the Finish button after the procedure is finished.

Note: If you want to import the Entourage MBOX file into Outlook for Windows. So, you can use the MBOX Converter For Windows. By using this tool you can easily view and import the Entourage email in Outlook on a Windows machine.

Time to Conclude It

Throughout this article, we told you about Entourage and Outlook and why users need to import Entourage to Outlook. We have described one of the best and most reliable techniques to perform this procedure as well as its best features. With the aid of the trial edition, you can examine the tool’s entire operation. It allows the free import of 25 Entourage emails into Outlook for Mac.

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