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HR & Payroll Management Software for India

Every business, particularly the construction sector which is a high-skilled segment, requires a well-functioning Human Resources & Payroll Software to hire as well as train and maintain an efficient workforce that can complete their daily construction work. Any issues with the manpower or workforce will impact the flow of operations.

To ensure uninterrupted construction, an efficient HR & Payroll ERP solution is required to ensure the timely payment of salaries, appraisals, and incentives/bonuses as well as other benefits and perks to employees.

The Process Overview

  • Below are the most prominent procedures of the ERP Tractive Construction Module (HR Software in India and Payroll) is expected to automate, digitize, and completely overhaul for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR department of a construction firm.
  • Hiring/Head Hunting
  • Employee Details and Service Records
  • Leave Administration
  • Welfare, Perquisites, Loans
  • Payroll Management
  • Training and Development
  • Appraisals and Promotions

The need to make the transition to digital is essential for increasing security, transparency, and transparency as the HR department handles sensitive financial data and the personal information of employees. Let us now dive into each of the HR construction processes to gain a better understanding.


  • This Construction ERP software allows the site engineers, project managers Regional heads, inventory/purchase managers as well as other departmental employees to submit a request via the HR Software & Payroll ERP modules to the recruiting team to fill the vacant positions which may arise later.
  • This helps the firm keep its equilibrium in the face of an influx and outflow of human resources.

Construction ERP – (HR and Payroll) module empowers HR managers and top executives to:

  • Keep the resumes of candidates in a database
  • Automate (schedule) the sending process of the Offer letters
  • You can store and access all legal and compliance documents on an encrypted server
  • Automate the verification process of documents and send an appointment letter.

Post Recruitment

  • Details on duty and transit
  • Control the employee’s leave
  • Define different shifts and schedules.
  • Monitor the status of Induction
  • Integrate employee time-of-work using biometrics
  • Control the employee’s Official and personal information, such as Nominee details, Bank details department, designation category, shifts as well as Salary Revision, Promotion, etc.
  • Assign Loans & Advances Interest and EMI Schedules with an amendment and pre-closure options for employees.


Its Tractive Construction ERP (HR and Payroll) Module was specifically designed to handle post-induction tasks such as training and skill improvement to give clients an edge over competitors in the last mile. With this HR Software & Payroll Module, contractors can keep track of the progress of each employee as well as contract laborers.


  • Plan training calendars and designate trainers, study materials and lesson schedules and assignments, and attendance.
  • Examine and analyze the costs of training, results of employees, etc. from one batch/shift to the other in order to determine the effectiveness and effectiveness of the training program in real-time.


  • In treasury administration, the payroll [Payroll Software] list is the employee list of a particular company that is entitled to be paid along with other benefits as well as the amount each employee should be entitled to.
  • Tractive Construction HR & Payroll Module gives its customers an array of functionalities for the user that caters to the different needs of its customers and meets their requirements efficiently.
  • Built-in BI (business intelligence) aids in decision-making, which reduces time, time-wasters, and decreases mistakes. Unique features of this program include the simultaneous raising of travel as well as Ticketing requests for official and personal travel, recording the details about the travel of employees, and updating the status and Cost. for travel.
  • The most significant challenges that confront the construction industry as a whole have been solved successfully through the automation and digitization of HR & Payroll processes as explained in the following paragraphs:
  • Pay the employee as per their salary Timesheet
  • Transfer of salary records to bank transfer or cash, cheque, and more
  • Monitor the salary increment Payout arrears, make payments to the Pending Allowances,
  • Calculate TDS, taxes, and other provisory components
  • Issue of the Memo, Warning, Notice, Alerts, and Remainders
  • Establish the rules of Ticket eligibility, rules, and Costs, then assign them to everyone in the company.

Appraisal Process

  • It’s the process of increasing the pay of an employee based on his or her performance over a certain time.
  • Construction HR & Payroll Module allows easy assignment of Key Result Areas for each employee during the course of his/her employment.
  • The employee will be able to log in on the website and fill out the self-appraisal form online on the basis of why they require an appraisal, the confirmation that they are a tenured employee.
  • The submitted details/report/documents shall be forwarded to a reviewing authority for consideration with a special provision in the module for including comments against respective employees’ forms.
  • Based your appraisal closure on a multi-level review, and then create Personal Development Plans (PDP) and then approve the increments based upon performance.

Leave Processing

  • Approve or allow or deny Permission requests Monitor and record employee timesheets as well as Attendance and more with the Construction HR and Payroll Module.
  • The program is simple to use, yet extremely effective.
  • It will help you reduce time, eliminate errors, and improve the efficiency of work.

Exit Process

  • The process of exiting involves formalities such as the employee handing over company resources.
  • the responsible HR Executive, Provident Fund settlements, breakdown or due In-Pending verification, Relieving Letter/Letter of Recommendation.


ERP – HR and Payroll Module tackles these issues by providing a digital solution. The integration of existing practices allows the user to:

  • Create a checklist of the employees prior to initiating the exit procedure (Asset handovers, no Due certification, accounts clearance, etc.,)
  • The Final Settlement process is the process that you create.
  • Remove ID cards, employees and email IDs, Security clearances, etc. provides a complete digital solution for every HR and Payroll task for customers to control their employees.



Ankit Dhamsaniya is a Software Analyst and Writer of Restaurant Management Software, Accounting Software, and HR Software with good experience in various genres of blog writing in various industries under several topics. Who loves to write on the latest Software technologies and their impact on businesses.

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