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How to update QuickBooks to the latest release?

QuickBooks to the latest release

Interested in finding out the steps involved in updating the newest QuickBooks version 2018 to 2021  to the latest release? Well, if that is the case, then make sure to read the post till the end. QuickBooks accounting software offers numerous features and functionalities, but it might show up to different issues as well. In order to eliminate these issues and introduce new features and functionalities, Intuit the developer of QuickBooks releases regular updates to the software. And the user is recommended to keep the software updated to the latest release always to avoid any sort of technical glitch and enjoy new features. In this post, we will be discussing the steps that can be performed to update the software to the latest release. Thus, make sure to read ahead or you can also contact us at + 1(844)405-0907 for more information.

Why Update or Upgrade QuickBooks

Let us see what benefits you get by updating your QuickBooks to the latest released version;

  1. Advanced User Management Feature: Manage the user’s roles, and permissions according to your need, and can restrict the users to do a particular activity. QuickBooks also allows you for the operation payroll section for the selected employees, those who are from a group.
  2. RFA Enhancement: Now you are allowed to send requests to QuickBooks for the second admin.
  3. Bug Fixes: Fixed the data level permission issue in 3 situations:
    • When a QuickBooks user is not able to create transactions for unpermitted customers from Batch Enter transactions because of the customer name typing.
    • When the report filter for (>=1) or (=) shows incorrect.
    • When a vendor group with a credit balance greater than 0, and showed incorrect results.
  4. Tax 1099 NEC and MISC: Now QuickBooks support with the 1099 MISC, and 1099 NEC and to print, and E-Filing. Not only that, but also allows the third-party applications to use the software developer kit for the e-filing.
  5. Improvements in Online Banking: Save the customization of columns, and create rules for both running money out transactions, and money in transactions. Assign a customer in QuickBooks, a job to their expenses, in their banking transaction table.
  6. Inventory Aging Report: The inventory aging report informs you of the value, quality, age, and acquisition of the stocks. By which you can make sure about the details of the stock product.

What’s included in Release 4 (R4)

QuickBooks regularly releases its new versions to fix the issues and improved the user experience. It releases its QuickBooks Desktop latest version in March 2022. What is included in this latest release is described below.

Approval Workflow for Purchase Orders and Bills

In the latest release, customers can sync the rejected status to the purchase orders and the bills from the approval dashboards.

Issues Fixed

  •  When the admin makes changes in the draft or rejected transactions, it was shown in the reports. Now, this issue has been fixed.
  • When a user copies a draft, approved, pending, or rejected transaction, the approval status doesn’t copy. This issue has been fixed in the R4.
  • QuickBooks no longer crashes while editing a rejected or draft purchase order.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Intuit and Guideline are integrated together to offer a fully integrated 401 (k) plan. Currently, it is only available in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll assisted.

How to Check Current QuickBooks Version

Updating makes slight changes to the database. These changes will not allow you to read the information in the file with the earlier releases. You should make sure about the current using version. Follow the steps to identify whether you are having the latest release or not;

  • Login to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Press F2 and open the Product Information window.
  • Now check the current version and release.
  • Verify the available QuickBooks release.

Steps to Update QuickBooks Desktop Pro & Premier

There are four methods to download the update from the internet and every method needs a good speed internet connection. All these methods are given below:

  • Automatic Update Method (default setting)
  • On-Demand (Immediate) Update Method
  • Release Download
  • Manual Update

Schedule future automatic updates

The user can simply schedule the update for QuickBooks for the future by performing some set of steps. Here are the steps that are to be performed:

  • The very first step is to navigate to the help menu
  • After that select Update QuickBooks
  • And then choose Options tab.
  • Opt for Yes to turn on automatic updates.
  • Now, in order to share automatic downloads with other computers on your network, opt yes for each computer.
  • Now, select Close.
  • QuickBooks will automatically download updates when they’re available.


Steps to set up automatic updates

If the user often forgets to update the software, then he/she can turn on automatic update option. This can be done as follows:

  • Go for the Help menu at first and then, select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Move to Update Now tab.
  • Opt for Get Updates to start the download.
  • Once the download finishes, restart QuickBooks.
  • If asked to, accept the option to install the new release.


After implementing the steps above, the user is expected to successfully update the software to the latest release. But if in case the user is stuck at any point of time, then, in that case, we suggest the user to contact our QuickBooks Technical professional at + 1(844)405-0907 and ask them to perform the necessary steps on your behalf. We are a team of professionals who work to provide instant support and assistance related to QuickBooks.

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Well I am Alice john and I am a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors expert. I like to help people by sharing the things which I have learned.

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